Tuesday, July 13, 2004

ZERGONOMIC: Featured Testimonial : Getting Fit with Zergonomic

ZERGONOMIC: Testimonial: "I usually shoot Get Fit with Leslie on cement. When shooting several shows a day, the shock of aerobic exercise on a hard surface can be traumatic.

I heard about Zergonomic and was amazed by their knowledge and care. They fit me with a pair of Z-CoiLs and now I'm protected.

Z-CoiLs absorb body-impact to prevent pain and discomfort in my feet and joints. Regular athletic shoes couldn't do that. Now I wear Z-Coils for everyday activities. It's about time someone offered a workout shoe that really works.

Thank you, Zergonomic.

Leslie Hoffman
Certified Fitness Instructor
Host and Producer of TV's Get Fit with Leslie

Zergonomic Footwear.
New Orleans, Louisiana

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