Monday, July 05, 2004

Streakers Footwear - Testimonials

Streakers Footwear - Testimonials: "I bought my first pair of Z-Coils in late October; I am a big guy, 6'1 and about 375 lbs.
I had objections to when I first got my shoes. Now it is over four months later and wearing my Zs every day in all kinds of weather and at all events. I wear no other shoe, I just replaced the coils and the shoe itself is like brand new still. I ordered my second pair of Z-CoiLs brown in color so that I can switch when the occasion calls for it.
I had to go without my shoes for two days while I had them at the dealer in town and I can tell you that just about killed me, I will NEVER be without my Zs again. I have recommended them to so many people that they think I am a dealer for them.

Richard Froshiesar

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