Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Z-coil Success and Newlyweds From Pamela and Leonard Goodman

Pamela has been wearing Z-coil shoes for the past five years. She is well stocked in the different styles: two pairs of the the z-walkers, a pair of sandals and hiking boots. She made the trek from Bainbridge to our store in Seattle, "Your 2 Feet" to add a pair of white Freedom's (tennis shoe) to her repertoire.
She was introduced to the Z-coil shoes by a Costco worker who checked ID's. Leonard did further research on the computer, came in to buy a pair of Lynco arch supports and decided to try the Z-Coil footwear as well. He's been wearing the same pair for five years.
Pamela OTJ injury motivated her to try the pain relief footwear-Z-coil. Her job at Pacific Coast Evergreen entailed lifting and repetitive turning. While twisting she heard a pop and ruptured her discs 15 years ago. She had radiating pain to her legs and suffered from foot drop and fallen arches, even after surgery. Then arthritis set in.
She quit her job at Pacific Coast and worked in Home Care for two years. Now she is a homebody practicing her passion of embroidery. Her dining room contains an embroidery machine, Serger Jet air threader. She works on quilts from baby to queen size. Her living room contains a 10' long arm machine; she rolls a trolley cart that circles on a frame stretching and matting. (forgive me Pamela, and embroiderers everywhere, if I messed all that up).
The Z-Coil shoes have relieved her back pain. She has so much foot pain when she tries regular shoes, she doesn't want to go without her Z-CoiL footwear.
Pam met her husband Leonard six years ago from She wanted to meet someone who lived on the Island (Bainbridge). She lived in the "boonies" near Port Orchard. He lived in Silverdale-close enough for courting.
Leonard works for He works for the government building/sautering for the army, air force airport, etc.. He makes the cables that bring us the things that make our lives easier. He crimps and sauters= jacketing? He feet used to feel "heavy" until he tried the Z-coil footwear.. He lost 50 pounds so now his feet have hurt less.
Pamela is walking the treadmill two miles on an incline and has lost 40 pounds. She suffers from restless leg and needs leg and back massages. When they used Nutrisystem they lost weight, but it all came back as soon as they stopped. Now they have started a lifetime commitment to green juicing. Walking with the Z-coil helps her pain.
People ask "are the zcoil shoes comfortable?"; "do you like the z-coil shoes"?
She replies "Yes, I Love Them! I wouldn't wear any other shoes. I refer these shoes to friends and family."