Friday, April 04, 2014

Know Your Feet

Know Your Feet
1. Make the time to schedule a visit with your podiatrist and keep that appointment. Dr. Lotchie Kerch has a clinic in Capital Hill in Seattle, WA.
2. Keep your feet clean. Wash them daily. Dry carefully with a soft towel, especially between the toes.
3. If your skin is dry or cracked use a moisturizing cream every day. Avoid using moisturizer between your toes.
4. Inspect your shoes everyday for any foreign objects. Shake them out before you put them on your feet.
5. Take off your shoes and socks at every visit with your doctor, as a reminder to your doctor to check your feet.
6. Talk to your podiatrist about what services. Dr. Kerch treats ingrown nail, injuries, etc. She fabricates orthotic devices to put in your shoes for treatment of a variety of foot issues. If you would like to schedule a consult, please call 206-786-0064 for a consult.
7. Let a podiatrist, or Dr. Kerch take care of any any troublesome skin build-up including warts. Avoid  over-the-counter products. They could do more harm than good.
8. If you smoke, think of your feet every time you light up. Cigarette smoking can contribute to circulatory problems. Let your podiatrist know the status of your diabetes control.
9. Take a walk! Activity is a great foot conditioner. Wear a good-fitting walking shoe. At "Your2 Feet" in Seattle you can find a variety of arch supports, insoles and foot comfort aides. Fit-flop season is upon us. Many don't have support for longer walks.
10. Do your own daily foot inspections. Check for any cuts, bruises, calluses, discoloration, sores, blisters, toenail changes, redness and swelling.