Monday, December 02, 2013

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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Christine Booth's Whole Nursing Career Changed After Wearing Z-CoiL shoes.

Christine Booth, before wearing Z-CoiL shoes, experienced excruciating joint pain, especially knee and back pain.
After a 12 hour shift as a nurse she says she had to go home and lay down because of the pain.
Since wearing Z-coiL shoes she now can go to the store and do errands after work.
She's worked as a nurse at Swedish or Virginia Mason for the past 12 years.

Christine started wearing Z-coiL shoes 6 years ago and her pain has been "1000 times" better. "These shoes changed my whole nursing career. They spoil you for other shoes. Other shoes are 'crap'."
She says "I've been big my whole life and I've played lots of sports including basketball, softball, volleyball, and pickle ball."

Christine owns 6 pairs of Z-CoiL shoes including the High Desert Hiker and Loryn.
She came to "Your 2 Feet" in Seattle to purchase an X-large pair of coils. Her previous coils were replaced with X-large coils.

Hearing our customers stories of enduring many years of symptoms, and then seeing our customers obtain relief wearing Z-CoiL shoes, is so heart warming and rewarding to us.

We'd like for you to come in, try on these impact reducing Z-CoiL shoes and see how they can help you get back to the activities you love. No appointment is necessary to be fitted for the Z-CoiL shoes.
Please call 206-786-0064 to confirm store hours.
Just ask us for more information about our plantar fascitis treatment kit, different styles of arch supports and braces.
Dr. Kerch is available for consultation by appointment. Please call 206-786-0064. She has a general podiatric practice. She makes custom orthotics and treats common foot and ankle problems including ingrown nails and athletes feet.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Z-CoiL® Fact Sheet


Z-Tech, Inc., an innovative footwear company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has designed an innovative shoe that can significantly relieve foot, leg, and back pain by cushioning impact to the body. The company is dedicated to changing people’s lives by reducing their pain and restoring their mobility. Aside from the obvious health benefits of pain relief without pills, shots or surgery, the shoes are a smart investment. Their durable construction helps them last for years.

• Like shock-absorbers for the body, Z-CoiL® footwear cushions impact with the ground by 50%, enabling people to walk, run, and even stand on hard floors for hours in comfort.
• These spring-heeled shoes also return 40-50% of your energy, reducing fatigue. 
• The shoes are custom-fitted in order to provide the wearer with the maximum pain-relief benefits possible.
• The shoes can be adjusted in many ways to compensate for over-pronation, supination, or sore spots.
• Because the shoes incorporate a medical-grade orthotic support, a few insurance companies offer some level of reimbursement with a doctor’s prescription.
• Available in over 20 different styles (and growing) and colors, including athletic shoes, dress shoes, hikers, and protective-toe work boots.
• Though the shoes may appear unstable, the conical coil in the heel compresses straight down rather than tipping, creating greater stability than in regular shoes. It is possible to have a "cover" to hide the coils on the Z-CoiL® if necessary.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jennifer W. and Mary Z.'s Retail Jobs Were Taking Their Toll, Until Z-coil Shoes!

Jennifer White works at the Greenlake Safeway Pharmacy.
She stands all day so her knees and back used to hurt at the end of the day.
Six years ago she was introduced to Z-coil shoes.
With this purchase she now owns two pairs of Z-coil footwear.
She says "These shoes are awesome. I no longer have the pain in my knees and back."

Mary Zinniewic is also pictured. She works at the Issaquah Home Depot.
With this purchase she now owns three pairs of Z-coil shoes. The styles of Z-coil shoes she owns are the Z-trek, light blue and now grey athletic shoes.
Six years ago a friend who works at Boeing showed Mary her Z-coil shoes.
Her feet used to ache so much all the time. The pain made her cry at night.
The Z-coil shoes helped so much, "I never have pain".

We are so glad to have these two women as return customers sharing their testimonials.

After enduring many years of symptoms, these stories and seeing our customers obtain relief wearing Z-CoiL shoes, are very heart warming to us. We want you to come in, try on these impact reducing Z-CoiL shoes and see how they can help relieve your pain. No appointment is necessary to try on the Z-CoiL shoes. Call 206-786-0064 to confirm store hours. Please ask for more information about our plantar fascitis treatment kit and about our different styles of arch supports.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Tracy introduces Shona Dudley to Pain Relief from Z-CoiL shoes

Tracy has been wearing Z-CoiL shoes for 5 years and now owns 3 styles: the Z- Walker Black, Freedom black, and the Z-treks (pictured). She just purchased her fourth, a pair of black High Desert Hiking boots. She bought her first pair of Z-Coil shoes in 2008 while Z-CoiL shopping for her clients at the Portland store.
Tracy has been a counselor for the state of Oregon since 2006.
When someone asks about her shoes she answers:"My Z-CoiL shoes help relieve my back pain. I have had back pain ever since a motorcycle accident in 1988." The accident was caused by a woman, while distracted by her car air conditioner controls, turned left broadsiding Tracy.
 She sustained a tibial plafond leg fracture with subsequent surgical repair with plates and screws.
When Tracy fell at work in 2002, she aggravated her symptoms and sustained l5 spinal compressions.
 She no longer rides her motorcycle to avoid risk of worsening her symptoms.
Tracy and Shona came all the way from Portland to our store for several reasons. They combined an Eagles concert at Key Arena, shopping in Seattle at "Your 2 Feet" for Z-CoiL shoes in Capital Hill, AND a 6 year anniversary celebration enjoying a wonderful meal at the top of the Space Needle Skyview restaurant.
Shona tried on her first pair at "Your 2 Feet" after seeing Tracy's years of pain relief testimonial. Her big toe pain convinced her to give Z-Coil shoes a trial.  She says,"I wish I had been wearing these shoes 20 years ago. I was waiting for the coils to be covered since she climbs steep ladders at work."
Shona works at Providence Medical Hospital in facilities maintenance. Her job entails being on ladders a lot. She walks three to four miles a day in steel toed shoes at work.
Shona bought two different styles. A pair of Z-CoiL work boots caught her eye because they come with covers. Then her heart was set on buying the grey and pink cruiser style. The cruisers had to be stretched in order to not aggravate the bone spur on top of her big toe.

Both Tracy and Shona Z-CoiL shoe coils were adjusted for pronation while waiting in the store.

Shona has had her toe problem for 3 years. Her chiropractor sometimes will adjust her sore toe which helps flexing the foot for at least a month. Massage on the tendons of the foot also helps stretch her foot tendons. Shona's mom has the same condition so it's a congenital defect. She has no history of an injury. Her toe pain is affected by the weather.
 She says," Theses shoes are so comfortable. Normally I have such a hard time fitting shoes. I am delighted that these shoes work, with minor adjustments, right out of the box. I appreciate  the fitting service  at the store as well."
She put away the shoes she wore in so she could wear her Z-CoiL shoes out of the store.

After enduring many years of symptoms, these stories and seeing our customers obtain relief wearing Z-CoiL shoes, are very heart warming to us.
We want you to come in, try on these impact reducing Z-CoiL shoes and see how they can help relieve your pain.
No appointment is necessary to try on the Z-CoiL shoes. Call 206-786-0064 to confirm store hours. Please ask for more information about our plantar fascitis treatment kit and about our different styles of arch supports.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Daniel and Salome Shopped at "Your 2 Feet" in Seattle for Z-Coil shoes

Daniel Lester recently came into our pain relief center "Your 2 Feet" on Capitol Hill. Two months after he started working at Harborview he saw a vender from "Your 2 Feet" selling the Z-CoiL's 12 years ago. He has been wearing Z-CoiL shoes since at Harborview Hospital. He has purchased several styles of Z-coil: Freedom black, blue and white and all white. He walks more than 5 miles a day on concrete floors as a respiratory therapist. He says his feet started "killing me at work.  Now I exclusively wear the Z-CoiL shoes to relieve my foot pain."

He tells people, "Z-CoiL impact reduction works similar to a shock on a car. I can't jump higher, but I am nicknamed Tigger at work."

Salome is a nurse at UW. She has worn the Z-CoiL shoes for three and a half years. She first saw the shoes in Arizona when some people at the hospital were wearing them. She did her CNA schooling in Arizona. At that time she had pain in her entire back from standing too long. She suffered from spinal compression. Z-Coil shoes relieve the pressure from the spinal nerves. She gets less compression and her pain is now manageable. She used to have to go to the chiropractor. She always recommends the Z-Coil to people she meets. This is her second pair: Mary Jane style and her first pair were the Bella. She has a brand new baby three months old.

Friday, May 24, 2013

After a Car Accident, Translator Barbara Hughes, Works Now Without Pain

Barbara Hughes moved from South Korea 22 years ago and has been working as a translator in the U.S.A since then. Currently she works at the Livingstone Church, in Lakewood. Her job requires her to stand in one place for long periods of time.

Seven years ago Barbara Hughes had a car accident. Afterwards she had terrible foot pain that limited her standing and walking. She noticed she was gaining a lot of weight because her pain limited her ability to exercise. 

When she was in Albuquerque seven years ago she noticed a store selling Z-coiL shoes, which turned out to be the headquarters for Z-coiL shoes. Willing to try the pain relief shoe, she bought her first pair.

 Now she wears only Z-coiL shoes since they provide her with pain relief. She is so happy to be able to continue working as a translator without pain because she wears the Z-CoiL shoes. She has been able to be active to control her weight gain.

After buying four pairs of Z-coiL shoes at the Tumwater location, she has been generous giving her shoes away to friends suffering from pain. Coming from from Lakewood now she shops here since the Tumwater store closed.  She bought her friend Cinyoun, pictured left, a pair of Z-Coil shoes, the Daydream style. 

Barbara bought two more pairs of Z-CoiL for herself here at  "Your 2 Feet", a Z-coil and pain relief store, located  in Seattle, WA.1201 Pine St. at the base of Capital Hill. She has added the brown trek Z-coiL shoe and the black sandal to her collection. 

At the same time she rejuvenated her current pair of black athletic by purchasing a new pair of coils and insoles. These shoes are several years old.

People from all walks of life have discovered the effectiveness of these pain relief shoes. You can be the next person telling others about your success story. Call 206-786-0064 for more information.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Injured Former Military National Guard, Amy Hall, Gets Relief With Z-CoiL

          Amy Hall is a former military Army National Guard stationed in North Carolina. She was trained as a teletype operator. Amy was injured while in the Army and was not able to go overseas. During her duty she was required to run, but she was only able to do slow running. During a 6 mile run a fellow guard told her she was going too slow. She tripped after the fellow soldier apparently whacked her hip. After tripping, her right hip was going one way, her left hip was going another way. Going to physical therapy and a chiropractor may have made her symptoms worse.
           After so many years undiagnosed, Amy went to a genetic clinic. She was diagnosed with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome four years ago. This is an inherited connective tissue disorder, caused by a defect in the synthesis of collagen. Amy's grandfather had a history of repeated dislocations. Her brother in Texas suffers dislocations daily.
          She has repeated joint dislocations caused by potentially anything, even her sleeping position. Her muscles relax, her shoulder slides out and dislocates. Her symptoms are exacerbated, since childhood to the present, if she overdoes activity.
          Six years ago, while pregnant with her son, her symptoms worsened.She gained 200 pounds and developed other health problems from not being able to exercise. Since it is a dominant gene, her son will be flexible. A daughter would potentially have had a worsened prognoses. Her son Gabriel is able to run so he doesn't walk.
         Then she discovered the benefits of wearing Z-CoiL shoes four years ago. "They gave me life back", she says. Her first pair of of brown boots was purchased here at "Your 2 Feet" in Seattle at 1201 Pine St.

         She says, "I have lost 40 pounds because I can walk now! My foot, ankle, shoulder, all my joints are so much better. I do not have to take daily nightly pain meds since wearing Z-CoiL shoes".
         As a civilian she does medical transcription.
        If someone approaches Amy inquiring about the Z-coiL shoes she tells them, "These are the best shoes. These shoes are not toys. They are for any kind of pain-lower back on down".
          Cindy Eastlund is also pictured. She is wearing her first pair of Z-Coils, a pair of leather lace shoes (Z-Walker) purchased the day this photo was taken.