Sunday, July 18, 2004

Bless My Soles - Wichita, Kansas - Testimonial

Bless My Soles - Pain relief footwear - Wichita, Kansas - Testimonials: "I'm addicted to Z-CoiLs!
I have a chronic heal pain syndrome in both feet and THANK GOD I FOUND Z-COILS! I can stand longer and walk much more normal with these shoes than traditional ones. Z-CoiLs are all I wear.
I have the Cloudwalker and the Freedom shoes, both of which are over a year old and still looking great. The convenience of just changing the heals periodically is such an advantage.
Thank you Z-CoiL for your amazing product, it has truly enriched the quality of my life.

H. Fennelly
Dearborn Heights, MI"

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