Sunday, March 27, 2005

2005 Northwest Women's Show: Cathy Cheatam's Story

I bought them a year ago at the Northwest Women’s Show because I have very bad shin splints and bursitis in my knees. They give me a springy feeling. When I step down, they spring back. It takes the pressure off my shins.
(2 minutes, WAV)

Shin Splints - Pain to either side of the leg bone, caused by muscle or tendon inflammation. It is commonly related to excessive foot pronation (collapsing arch), but may be related to a muscle imbalance between opposing muscle groups in the leg.

Bursitis often affects the areas around the joints in your shoulders, elbows or hips. But you can also have bursitis by your knee, heel and even in the base of your big toe. Bursitis pain usually goes away within a week or so with proper treatment, but recurrent flare-ups are common and can be frustrating.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Press Release: Thousands of Pain Sufferers Becoming Crazy Bout Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear

( Z-CoiL Footwear -- Albuquerque, NM ) - “About a year ago I injured both of my Achilles tendons and was told by my doctor that I had micro-tears in my left and a hole in my right,” says Tania Holloway of Philadelphia. “My doctor told me I had to wear shoes with a two-inch heel for six months to help the tendons heal. I was in pain and hobbling with every step I took.”

Millions of Americans suffer from painful foot, leg, and back problems, and often find prescription pain medications and even surgery don’t solve the problem. Tania’s pain continued until she found Z-CoiL® Pain-Relief Footwear™, a fairly new competitor in the pain relief industry.

After trying her first pair of Z-CoiL® shoes, Tania says, “I hobbled in and bounced out. Within minutes of trying on a pair of the shoes, I was virtually pain-free. I am a true Z-CoiL® devotee and tell everyone about the shoes. I am healed now, but still wear my Z-CoiL® footwear – they are truly may favorite shoes.”

Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear™ is unusual and evokes a wealth of comments, but its wearers are becoming fiercely loyal and defensive about what’s on their feet. The shoes are vastly becoming a hot ticket for people whose careers require extensive hours spent walking or standing, and also to people who suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritis, sciatica, lower back pain, hip pain, and knee problems.

What is so remarkable about Z-CoiL® Footwear? The design is simple and scientifically sound, yet an unexpected component sets them apart. Start with a rigid orthotic plate that offers stability, protection, and support to the foot, combine it with a one-inch-thick neoprene forefoot to cushion each step, and then place a tempered steel coil under the heel to absorb body weight. The result is an unusual-looking yet functional shoe that customers report provides sometimes immediate and unmistakable relief from pain and associated discomfort in the foot, leg or back area.

The history of these shoes is as remarkable as the pain-free success stories they are creating. New Mexico inventor Alvaro Z. Gallegos (photo) is on a mission to help people in pain, and brings a whole new dimension to the footwear. (more)

2005 Northwest Women's Show: Klara Silva's Story

I've been wanting to buys these for about a year and I've always been putting it off. So, finally, yesterday, I made the decision. And let me tell you – I am on cloud 9. I no longer have any knee pain or hip pain…I wish that I had bought them sooner. Listen to Klara's entire story (2 minutes, WAV)

Monday, March 21, 2005

2005 Northwest Women's Show: Tina Shawver's Story

Tina Shawver talks about her Z-CoiL shoes and getting set for sunny weather ahead. (2 minutes, WAV)

Testimonial: Bill F. Jones

We were in the Kentucky hills this last August, specifically at the site of the Battle of Camp Wildcat. This is a very rough area, with sheer cliffs, steep hills, lots of trees, practically no roads and only rocky, dirt paths. It has not changed appreciably since 1862. There is one trail that leads through the hollow and up the mountain spine to the top, where the Union forces had dug trenches (which are still there).

Four of us started on the 3½-mile trail. Two dropped out at the one-mile point; the other two, including me, went all the way to the top. This picture of me was taken there, and gives you an idea of the terrain. Unfortunately, there is so much broken ground, leaves, rocks and sticks, that you can't even see the shoes.

But since the most frequent question I get on your shoes is, "Don't they make you unsteady?" it is nice to show you what kind of ground you can cross with these shoes, and they actually are more stable than conventional shoes due to the firm heel support. . . . I enjoy telling people just how versatile and effective these shoes are and being able to prove it with the little story above.

I have been wearing Z-CoiL® [footwear] now for something like two years and find they hold up very well - I haven't even had to replace the heels, which I hear is unusual. Even more, I am finding that when I am not wearing Z-CoiL® [footwear], my back and foot problems are much less severe. While I wouldn't say the Z-CoiL® [shoes] are healing these problems, I do feel that the rest and support they give do help in the healing process.

Bill F. Jones
Orange, CA

Monday, March 14, 2005

Feet First: Puget Sound Pedestrian Advocacy & Your2Feet Team Up For April Walk

In April, join together with Your 2 Feet and Feet First for a celebration of Foot Health Month and Seattle Award to the Top Ten Walking Cities in America. We will be meeting at the 1201 Pine St. Your 2 Feet location.

Points of interest to be seen on our walk of Capitol Hill are the
Jimmy Hendrix statue, the historical buildings,etc?? (to be determined)

Feet First's mission
To promote the rights and interests of pedestrians
and to encourage people to enjoy the pleasures of walking.

Feet First is working to make communities in the Puget Sound region better places to live. Making a community walkable is central to making it a good home. We provide an educated voice on pedestrian issues. We offer community maps, technical assistance, fun events, and we serve as policy champions.

Feet First is the region's leading non-profit organization promoting
walkable communities. Their advocacy efforts are frequently cited in the Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer. They are in the city and statewide to make communities safer and better for walking.


A Thank You to Drivers from Feet First

Sunday, March 13, 2005

komo news | HealthWatch : Seattle Ranks No. 3 On List Of Top Walking Cities

komo news | HealthWatch : Seattle Ranks No. 3 On List Of Top Walking Cities: "SEATTLE - Head outside these days and you're bound to find at least one person out for a good walk. So many people in Seattle walk for exercise, that we earned a top spot on the American Podiatric Medical Association's list of top walking cities.

'This is the best walking city I think on the face of this Earth,' said walker Karen Meyers. 'Why? Because we've got so many places to walk. Look at Green Lake, it's a walker's paradise.'
It is -- whether you've got two or four legs; even webbed feet. The object is to just keep moving.

Seattle strides in at number three, on this year's list of top 10 best walking cities. We finished just behind Arlington, Va., and San Francisco. "

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ACFAS: 60-Second Checkup Radio Program

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) is a professional society of 5,800 podiatric foot and ankle surgeons. Founded in 1942, ACFAS' goals are to promote the art and science of podiatric surgery, address the issues and concerns of the podiatric surgeon, and advance and improve standards of education and surgical skill. (more)

As part of its public education campaign, ACFAS-sponsors weekly "60-Second Checkup" radio releases, distributed to over 10,600 radio stations nationwide. The radio releases educate the public about various foot and ankle conditions and provide tips for maintaining healthy feet for an active life.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Testimonial: Jodi Butzerin

I had very painful heels and very bad callous before I started wearing the Z-CoiLs. I first saw the Z-CoiLs at the Puyallup Fair in September 2004. I tried on a pair of Z-CoiL shoes and I walked out with my first pair. I will never wear regular tennis shoes again. The Z-CoiLs will be the only shoes I wear. I have gotten so much relief from the spring in my step. I now have a new pair of feet, and my callous are so much better, too.

I am a nurse and a full-time mom of 2 children ages 7-9. I stand on my feet everyday with long hours. When I would work as a nurse, my shoes were on for about 3-4 hours and then I would walk around in my socks because my feet would hurt and ache. When I went home, they were aching/burning and I just wanted to cut my feet off and sew a new pair of feet back on. I now can work an 8 and-a-half shift without taking my shoes off. I rarely get a half hour break. So, I stand on my feet for at least 8 and-a-half hours straight. I now have new feet thanks to my Z-CoiL shoes.

Thank you so much,

Jodi Butzerin
Federal Way, WA

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Press Release: Put A Spring In Your Step At The Northwest Women's Show

Come Feel What Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear Can Do 4 U

SEATTLE, WA (March 9, 2004) - Dr. Lotchie Kerch, a Seattle podiatric physician and foot surgeon, and her Your2Feet retail store staff will be exhibiting at the 17th annual Northwest Women's Show (March 18 – 20) in the Women & Health Section (Booth #817) at QWEST Events Center in Seattle.

The show offers attendees the opportunity to shop at over 650 booths featuring local businesses and services as well as attend daily seminars conducted by celebrity speakers and local experts focusing on women. Show hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

Dr. Kerch will be conducting daily seminars on the Be Well Stage entitled,

Limp in, Leap Out - The Female Foot from Eve to Gucci: 10 Tips 2 Keep U Walking

4:00pm Friday
11am Saturday
3:30pm Sunday

"Z-CoiL pain relief footwear is changing the way I am practicing medicine." Dr. Kerch said during her presentation last year at the Seattle Spring Northwest Women's Conference.

"Impact can now be reduced by 50 percent or more when using the Z-CoiL footwear. This impact reduction dramatically relieves pain in such conditions as plantar fasciitis (heel spars) and arthritis," she explained during her talk. "I have been a practicing podiatrist for over twenty years and I have never seen anything as effective in footwear. I'm seeing people who have been living with intolerable pain relieved by this phenomenal technology."

James Hendricks from Sumner, Washington, says that his Z-CoiLs work for him on the job: "I work at a major hardware warehouse and after only two weeks couldn't work more than four-hour shifts due to foot pain. I went to doctors … with no results. Then I heard about your shoes. I bought a pair and wore them for four working days. To my amazement, the pain was gone. I'm now working 40 hours a week and loving every minute!"

Z-CoiLs, often referred to as "the funny-looking shoes with the spring in the heel," are dramatically changing the lives of people across the country that once suffered from chronic, debilitating pain in their feet, legs and back. Many of the happiest Z-CoiL customers are workers in retail stores, restaurants, fairs, trade shows, hospitals and warehouses, who must spend hours every day on their feet, often on concrete floors.

For more information on Dr. Kerch and Z-CoiL pain relief footwear, visit the Your2Feet web site.

Dr. Kerch gives the thumbs up to an attendee at the Puyallup Fair who stood up and said, "I can't believe it. My pain is completely gone!"

See photos and listen to interviews direct from the Northwest Women's Show Your2Feet Booth #817 on this blog.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Testimonial - Dr. Sam Herbert

Testimonial - Dr. Sam Herbert:

"Shown above is Dr. Sam Herbert, a psychologist, sporting a pair of High Desert Hikers. Sam came to us over 18 months ago with severe ankle issues and plantar fasciitis. To top things off, he had a size 15, which we did not offer. His ankle was swollen tremendously when he first visited the store.

'Two Podiatrists informed me that I would require surgery and have pain for approximately one year,' says Sam. 'My right ankle/foot was so damaged because of an old injury, it was described by the Podiatrist as 'non-existent'. Also, I have plantar fasciitis.

'The doctor advised me the only solution was footwear (other than surgery.) I discovered Z-CoiL's and within one week was pain-free even when exercising! To date, I own 7 pairs of Z-CoiL's and will not wear another brand of shoes. My wife commented, 'You walk without pain!''

What Sam did not mention was that he was not our easiest fit... In fact, it took many, many months of adjustments and some special orthotics before he was able to wear the Z-CoiL's comfortably. Each pair has to be stretched to a size 15 and our orthotic needs to be widened to work in conjunction with his orthotic. Sam, though, was extremely patient, because he could see the potential of Z-CoiL's and what they could do for him... and for him, it has been a life-changing experience being able to function normally each day and not having to undergo a surgery that had no guarantees.

Sam now is a regular fixture around our store, helping to fit people when we get busy, putting away shoes, and assisting us in our efforts to get the word out to people in pain! We learned a lot from Sam's situation that we have been able to use to help other customers with similar problems. Thanks Sam!

Till later,

Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA


Note: Yesterday, I called EZ-Shoes. Sam answered the phone. He said that there are two styles he can not wear due to his foot: the sandle and clog. It took over a year before the Z-CoiLs were finially adjusted to fit his foot. Before wearing Z-CoiLs, his feet began hurting after walking only two blocks. Now, he is walking pain free everywhere. Give Sam a call. He will talk your ear off about his Z-experience. (408) 558-9596

Friday, March 04, 2005

Northwest Women's Show Flyer

March 18-20
Northwest Women's Show
QWEST Field Event Center, Seattle

10:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Your2Feet Booth 817 (Floor Plan)

Be Well Stage

Limp in, Leap Out
The Female Foot from Eve to Gucci
10 Tips 2 Keep U Walking

  • 4:00pm Friday
  • 11am Saturday
  • 3:30pm Sunday