Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Z-CoiL Footwear : Customer Testimonial

Z-CoiL Footwear : Customer Testimonial: "One of our customers is a Communications Worker spokesperson, who travels around quite a bit, speaking on behalf of the Communications Workers of America. She was at a rally in Washington DC and ran into a person who had a pair of Z-CoiL High Desert Hikers on, and found out more about what the footwear had done for her.

Donna suffered from Plantar Fasciitis and had a terrible time walking on most days, but it was required in her position. She came in to our store in August, tried a pair on and found instant relief! She was amazed at how much better her feet felt. She purchased 2 pair that day!"

Monday, December 27, 2004

Z-CoiL Footwear : San Jose Shark's Mark Smith in Z-CoiL's!

Z-CoiL Footwear : San Jose Shark's Mark Smith in Z-CoiL's!

Z-CoiL Footwear : San Jose Shark's Mark Smith in Z-CoiL's!

Mark Smith, center for the San Jose Sharks, is the latest celebrity in Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear! Mark came into our store on Saturday to buy a pair of Nikes for training purposes, which we do not carry. He tried a pair of Z-CoiL's on and took them for a run outside and was very impressed in the amount of impact reduction that is provided. After a couple of slight adjustments, he was on his way!

Till later,
EZ-Shoes, San Jose, CA

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

APMA - Boot Buying 101 - APMA Offers Winter Shoe Buying Tips

When it comes to boot buying, this season there are all types of styles from pointy, round and square toes to stiletto, kitten and stacked heels.

But, selecting the best fitting boot to suit your foot may require some shopping leg-work. “Your boots only have to last a season,”says American Podiatric Medical Association podiatrist Marlene Reid. “Your feet have to last a lifetime.”

For this reason, the APMA recommends heeding the following boot bullets before bolting out to buy a new pair based solely on fashion.

· Look for a boot that provides stability. A wider heel, less than two inches in height is best.

· Make sure the shape of the boot is wide enough for a comfortable fit on your feet. Some boot designs can be too narrow and can cause blisters and bunions.

· Try on the boots with hosiery or socks based on how you’ll wear them. This will ensure the proper fit.

· Pick a boot with a firm heel counter. Just because the boot fabric covers your ankle, doesn’t mean it provides adequate support.

· Select a boot with a rubber sole and traction on the bottom to curtail slipping. Remember, most fashion boots are not made for the snow.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Last night I attended my first bloggers meeting

Ben McConnell, author of Creating Customer Evangelists, organized an informal meeting at the Westlake Center Food Court.

I was able to share with the others:

about how I first heard Ben speak in New Mexico in June on the subject of customer evangelists.

It was a real eye opener to have defined for me those folks that came in to tell me about my business. Prior to his presentation, I was not receptive to those folks coming in giving me real time feedback and ideas on their vision for my business. Since his talk, I am much more ready to adjust, revise, change or at least listen to my customer evangelists-some of whom are created on the spot once they have tried on the Z-coil footwear for the first time. Experiencing pain relief for some is so life changing, they want to impart their insights into how to insure that my business succeeds.

I was able to thank Ben for the insight he gave me on who this person is, and how this information changed my business practice.

Last night, Alice Cunningham heard my name and remembered meeting me years ago (20+) at the WBO and a common acquaintance we had. She impressed me with her memory skills and the stories she told of the little things she does to thank her customers. When a repeat customer moved for the third time into a house with a pool and told her he would not be purchasing that
third hot tub, she sent him towels and a couple of rubber duckies saying "Please use these until you decide you want to go back to a hot tub" and other such vignettes.

Pete Winemiller shared how he hires people who not only have the people skills to greet and serve the public, but they must be problem solvers in the moment. So the concessionaire who hears a disgruntled season pass holders complaint on Friday night is not only empowered to assist the customer, but this is their job description. The goal is to not have this same customer calling on Saturday morning still not properly assisted.

Many of those present talked about the blog experience. Ben asked me when will I be posting on my blog. This will be my first attempt. Let me know if you see it!

Lotchie Kerch
DPM owner of Your 2 Feet
a pain relief foot center in Seattle, Wa.


Friday, December 10, 2004

Testimonial: Plantar Facitis : Brenda Cole

I have suffered with severe plantar facitis for several years. It came to a point where I was willing to have the tendons cut to stop the pain.

I have spent thousands of dollars on orthotics, painful injections, physical therapy, special shoes, the list is endless. Since I bought the shoes, three months ago, I have only had them off my feet on two separate occasions. Both times required a "dressier" shoe.

My knees and feet ached the next day. I even wear them while I'm at home "relaxing", they come off my feet when I get into bed. They support my arch and with the adjustments you made for my pronation. My feet no longer hurt. I no longer fear
those first steps in the morning (there was many a morning that required me crawling). My knees and low back pain have all but disappeared also.

Another great side effect is the muscles in my legs and around my knees have strengthened. I've worked on this in PT for months and haven't been able to acheive it. Now with these shoes they firmed right up and my knees feel great.

I cannot say enough about these shoes! I'm buying my husband a pair for Christmas and I will be getting a pair of sandles for next summer. I love the fact that the heel can be replaced. These shoes are an investment in a painfree lifestyle.

Thanks again for introducing me to this great product!

Brenda Cole
Clinton, WA

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

PRESS RELEASE: Seattle Z-CoiL Dealer Celebration now an Online Music Video Thanks to muvee autoProducer

Your2Feet, the one stop foot shop, Digitally Documents 1st Anniversary On Microsoft’s MSN Spaces

Port Townsend, WA (PRWEB) December 8, 2004 -- Independent Z-CoiL retailer, Your2Feet, celebrated there first year as the Pacific Northwest’s premier pain relief foot shop Saturday December 4th. Photos and music written and performed by the Seay Family were digitally captured by consumer evangelist JOlmsted and quickly assembled into a Music Video with muvee autoProducer 3. The casual video editing software produced a professionally paced production in about thirty minutes.

The Your2Feet 1st Anniversary Celebration Music Video was uploaded to Sony’s free music video community, ACIDplanet. A link to the video was easily posted to JOlmsted’s MSN Spaces blog account.

ACIDplanet provides its community of over 200,000 individual digital musicians the most exciting place on the Web to create music, collaborate, listen, chat and publish their own music for the world to hear.

Music Video Link
1st Anniversary Photo Gallery

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Seattle Times: Pacific Northwest Magazine : Wrap it Up

The Seattle Times: Pacific Northwest Magazine : Wrap it Up: "Z-Coil shoes are certainly one way to put a spring in your step. And you can't miss them. The heel is a coil.

The product's goal is to relieve foot and back pain as well as arthritic and knee problems by cushioning the shock of each step and redistributing pressure. The coils can be adjusted to match your walking style or troubleshoot a squeak or click. "


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Z-CoiL Testimonial of the Month: December

Z-CoiL Testimonial I thought my friend from Arizona was becoming a great storyteller when she told me about her new Z-CoiLs. I listened as a friend would and just filed the information in the back of my mind. She kept asking me if I had tried Z-CoiLs yet, and even said she was going back for pair #2.

After years of working in a law office, when ladies dressed in suits and high heels, my feet began to tell on me. I left the law office and trained in home care to take care of my mother, which I did for a number of years. My feet and knees paid the price! After my mom passed away, I decided to stay in this special care program and work for others. I enjoyed it very much, but my feet and knees were getting progressively worse.

In the mornings I would have to hold onto the bed and dresser or the wall just to be able to stand. Each step was so painful that I was in tears before I made it to the kitchen to make coffee. I was under a doctor's care and had to give up walking, which is a big plus in my weight loss program. Each day at work I was in constant pain, and each day I came home in tears. I was constantly on pain medication just to be able to function. Months of pain were wearing my body and my spirit down.

One day my friend called and said, "I am telling you that you won't believe how they would help." Amidst a flow of tears, I said, "I'll call tomorrow, as it sure can't hurt." I found out that a local dealer was just a few miles from my home. That call to Mr. Jamie Dick at Foot RX in Abingdon, VA, was one of the most life-changing calls I ever made.

I met Jamie and was fitted with a pair of Freedom 2000s, white on white. He was so professional and courteous and one of the most informed people representing a particular product that I have ever met. He answered all my questions. I was not rushed or made to feel like I was taking up his time.

From step one, I could tell a difference. The first day I wore my Z-CoiLs to work I cried again, but this time I cried tears of joy. It was the first time in a very long time I was free from pain. I have improved each day and recently walked 17 miles on a picture-taking excursion without a single pain. I enjoy life, I enjoy the outdoors, and I enjoy walking. At 58, I am not ready for a rocking chair.

Yesterday I went back to visit Jamie, to talk to him and thank him for his great part in changing my life. My use of pain medication has nearly ended, and I now smile instead of cry. My granddaughter says wearing Z-CoiLs has even improved my attitude.

Thank you Z-CoiLs---Thank you Jamie.

Ann Taylor
Lebanon, VA
November 9, 2004

P.S. I just picked up my second pair of Z-CoiLs, the Cloudwalkers, and have my request in for a pair of sandals in the Spring!

Friday, November 26, 2004

Evite: 1 Year Anniversary. Z-Tune-Up Day

Evite: 1 year anniversary. In honor of customers who have already experienced life-changing pain relief in their Z-CoiL footwear, and to celebrate a successful first year in business, Your 2 Feet is hosting a special Z-Tune-Up Day on December 4, 2004 in the store located at 1201 Pine St. Customers will have a chance to get their Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear™ re-adjusted, spruced up, and shined, free of charge, while enjoying delicious refreshments, give aways (including a free pair of Z-coil pain relief footwear), a pre-celebration decorating workshop, a free foot pressure mat screening, and live music. People new to Z-CoiL footwear will have a great opportunity to learn more about these unusual shoes.

From: Lotchie Kerch
Location: Your 2 Feet
1201 Pine St,Seattle,WA View Map
When: Saturday, December 4, 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Phone: (206) 838-7338

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Linda's Haiku

To Z-Coils
I walk with a spring
To step without pain and see
a coil unwinds me

Monday, November 15, 2004

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Reuters AlertNet - Overweight urged to slim down to cut diabetes risk

Reuters AlertNet - Overweight urged to slim down to cut diabetes risk: "LONDON, Nov 9 (Reuters) - Half the world's diabetes cases could be eliminated by curbing the soaring number of people who are overweight, health experts said on Tuesday.
Diabetes already affects 194 million people and the number is expected to rise to 333 million by 2025. But even a moderate weight loss can delay onset of the illness.
'Fifty percent of type 2 diabetes is potentially preventable by stopping excessive weight gain and obesity,' said Professor Martin Silink, president-elect of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).
'A modest weight loss of 5-10 percent can result in major reductions in the risk of diabetes,' he told a teleconference ahead of World Diabetes Day on November 14.
Diabetes is a chronic illness caused by a deficiency or lack of insulin. The hormone produced by the pancreas helps the glucose, or sugar, from food get into cells.
If a person does not produce enough insulin or if it isn't used properly by the body, glucose stays in the blood.
People with Type 1 diabetes do not produce any insulin and need daily injections. Type 2 diabetes, the most common type of the disease, is caused by an inability to make enough, or to properly use insulin.
About 90 percent of sufferers have type 2 diabetes, which is linked to being overweight or obese."

By Patricia Reaney

Dr Comfort Shoes

Dr Comfort Shoes: "Dr. Comfort is dedicated to providing the highest quality and comfort in diabetic shoes exclusively through the podiatric practice. By providing a proprietary custom designed product we can assure the patient true comfort and style, thereby assuring patient satisfaction and compliance. With increased compliance, we hope to reduce the adverse effects of diabetics on your patient."

Diabetes Self Management Magazine Ad November 2004

Monday, November 08, 2004

American Diabetes Association: November is American Diabetes Month!

American Diabetes Month - American Diabetes Association: "Did you know that diabetes and heart disease are linked? People with diabetes are at high risk for a heart attack or a stroke. Their heart attacks tend to be more serious and can happen early in life. In fact, two out of three people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke. Both women and men are at risk.

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to reduce your risk for heart disease and stroke."

If you have diabetes, your doctor or health care team may have told you about the importance of inspecting your feet every day. This is because diabetes can damage the nerves in your feet, making it hard for you to feel wounds. If a wound is left untreated, it can become infected and develop into an ulcer. Foot ulcers can put you at risk for amputation.

Even if you know a wound is there and you're treating it, it's important to inspect it every day because diabetes can interfere with healing. For a long time, scientists thought this was because diabetes caused obstructions or blockages in the small blood vessels of your feet. If the blood vessels are blocked, oxygen-rich blood can't get to the wound to help it heal. (more)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post Card: One-Year Anniversary Announcement

Step Into Wellness at the One Year Anniversary of Your2Feet, the wellness center for your feet! We’ll be giving away great prizes including innovative Z-CoiL® pain relief footwear and Lyncos® arch supports.

Where: 1201 Pine Street
(Across 1-5 one block east of Boren Ave at the corner of Minor and Pine)

When: Saturday, December 4th
1:00pm to 4:00pm

Your2Feet is the Seattle destination for innovative pain relief

We offer:

  • Pressure Mat Foot Analysis
  • Personalized foot care
  • Foot care products
  • Podiatric foot and ankle surgery
  • Therapeutic/performance enhancing socks
  • Therapeutic shoes for arthritis and diabetes
  • Innovative Z-CoiL ® pain relief footwear

You must be present to win. Pre-register online at, or register at the event. Come for music and refreshments.

Keep Your Feet Fit For Life Checklist

Did you know that the feet often provide the first sign of more serious health issues, such as diabetes? That’s why it’s important to have your primary care physician or family doctor “knock your socks off” and check your feet every time you go in for a checkup. After all, foot and ankle health is important to your overall well-being, mobility, and pursuit of fitness.

People with diabetes need to pay special attention to their feet and watch carefully for any signs of complications. Here’s a checklist of Do’s and Don’ts for you or your family members who have diabetes:


  • Inspect feet daily for cuts, blisters, scratches, redness and swelling.
  • Remember to inform every doctor you visit that you have diabetes.
  • Wash feet daily; always dry carefully between the toes.
  • Powder feet, lightly after bathing.
  • Cut toenails straight across.
  • Keep feet warm and dry.
  • Use a good skin lotion to protect your feet from cracking and drying, but not between toes.
  • Wear loose-fitting socks to bed if feet are cold; never use heating pads or hot water bottles.
  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes.
  • Inspect the inside of shoes for foreign objects and torn lining each time you put them on.


  • Don’t walk barefoot, even indoors!
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking reduces blood circulation; this can lead to the loss of a leg.
  • Don’t cut corns or calluses yourself.
  • Don’t use caustic chemical agents or any other irritants for the removal of corns and calluses.
  • Don’t wear open-toed shoes, particularly sandals with thongs between toes.

Family members can play an important role in ensuring that their loved ones keep their feet fit for life. If someone in your family has diabetes, share this checklist with them and remind them to visit their podiatrist. Education and awareness are helpful allies in the prevention of diabetes and its complications.

Frequently Asked Questions Diabetes and the Feet

The human foot has been called the mirror of health and podiatrists are often the first doctors to see signs of systemic conditions, particularly diabetes. But all too often patients forget to ask their primary care physicians to “knock their socks off” and check their feet. Thirteen million people suffer from diabetes, but a whopping 5.2 million are undiagnosed. That’s why it’s important, whether you have diabetes or not, to know what signs and symptoms of diabetes you should be on the look out for and to have your feet checked every time you visit the doctor’s office.

1. Why should I ask my doctor to “knock my socks off”?
Feet do more work than most parts of the body, so it only makes sense to have them checked as often as you do the rest of your body. And since the feet are said to be mirrors of our general health, it’s especially important to remind your primary care physician, who sees you on a regular basis, to check for any signs of diabetes or other diseases that often show up in the feet first.

2. Is it normal for my feet to hurt?
Foot pain is not normal and is often a sign of a more serious medical problem. It is a misconception that foot pain is something that everyone suffers from and many people don’t realize that foot problems can often be treated easily and with a high rate of success. You should see your podiatrist if you experience anything abnormal.

3. I have been diagnosed with diabetes. Should I be worried about the bunions and hammertoes that I’ve been living with?
Bone deformities such as bunions and hammertoes are usually progressive and your podiatrist may recommend correcting them before they get severe. Bone deformities can cause ulcers (sores) that may lead to severe infections and even amputation. Many podiatrists feel that it is better to correct those deformities while your diabetes is under control, earlier in life.

4. How long does it normally take for a sore to heal?
Healthy individuals can expect a sore to improve daily. Sores that do not improve or worsen over time should be evaluated by a podiatrist and may be a symptom of other conditions. Pressure, infection and bone deformities can all contribute to sores, or ulcers, and may need to be addressed in order for the ulcers to heal.

5. Will my nails continue to grow ingrown?
Some ingrown nails are a result of leaving a spicule in the skin and will not be a problem once that spicule is removed. However, if a nail grows curved and ingrown it will likely continue to grow that way because the root of the nail is telling it to do so. Your podiatrist may recommend a permanent removal of that portion of the nail to prevent the ingrown part from returning. Untreated ingrown nails can cause infections that can be severe for a person with diabetes.

6. Why do my feet feel cold?
Cold feet may be a sign of circulation problems. Lack of blood flow to the feet and toes is common for those with diabetes and can make your feet feel cold. Another sign of decreased blood flow is the loss of hair growth on the toes or feet. Decreased blood flow can make it difficult for people with diabetes to heal sores or infections.

7. Is there a special examination to evaluate how much feeling I have in my feet?
Diabetic neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes. Signs of neuropathy include: muscle weakness in the legs, pain in the feet and legs, tingling, burning, or numbness in the feet and hands, and decreased pain sensations and loss of feeling. Podiatrists are trained to evaluate the foot for sensation as well as circulation. Many podiatrists who specialize in the care of people with diabetes have more specific means to determine specific levels of neuropathy, such as monofilament wires. If you are experiencing any of the signs of neuropathy, call your doctor right away.

8. I’ve noticed a burning sensation in my feet. Is there anything I can do to stop it?
There are some over the counter creams that can help people with the burning sensation. It is important to have your podiatrist explain how to use these creams properly. Certain medications and ointments could pose risks for those with diabetes and should be avoided.

9. Are there special shoes or inserts that I can wear to keep my feet more comfortable?
Custom orthotic inserts are often made for shoes to help control the way your foot functions. These orthotics are used for many problems, including heel pain, arch pain and bunions. Special diabetic shoes are also available, and may be covered by Medicare. Ask your podiatrist for more information about shoe programs.

10. How should I inspect my feet at home?
Those who suffer from diabetes should check their feet every day. He or she should look for areas of irritation (redness), areas of inflammation (swelling) or any other changes to the feet. Often, people with diabetes lose their sensation and cannot feel an abnormality on their foot so a daily visual inspection becomes very important. If the person with diabetes is older or unable to check their own feet, he or she should ask a friend or family member to assist them. It is also important to check shoes daily for anything that may be hidden inside.

Go Ahead, Knock Your Socks Off!

Reflexes, blood pressure, eyesight and respiration—all are commonly checked during an annual physical exam. But often overlooked during checkups is what many call “the mirror of your health”— the feet.

The human foot often is the first to show initial signs of severe medical conditions, such as diabetes. That’s why the American Podiatric Medical Association is urging those at risk for diabetes to ask for foot exams during their regular checkups.

Diabetes affects 18 million Americans by keeping their bodies from producing or properly using insulin, which is needed to convert sugars, starches and other food into energy.

Unfortunately, many Americans—nearly 5.2 million—according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — are unaware they’re diabetic and don’t recognize the disease’s early warning signs, which usually occur in the feet.

When it’s too late, the consequences often are severe: heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, blindness, kidney disease and even amputation. In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic foot amputations each year.

The good news is there are ways to detect diabetes at its onset, before it does further damage.
“Early detection is paramount and something as simple as taking your shoes and socks off for a foot screening could assist in diagnosis of diabetes earlier,” said APMA President Dr. Lloyd Smith.

In fact, annual foot screenings could reduce diabetic foot amputations by as much as 85 percent, according to APMA. Knowing foot-related diabetes warning signs also is vital in early detection. Alert a family physician or podiatrist to these signs:

· Redness
· Numbness
· Swelling
· Feet feel cold to the touch from decreased blood circulation
· Inflammation
· Noticeable changes to the feet

APMA has launched a national campaign to raise awareness about the importance of having your feet checked regularly. For more information about APMA’s “Knock Your Socks Off” campaign, log on to

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Z-CoiL Testimonial of the Month: November

After reading the recent Baltimore Sun story about Z-CoiL shoes, my wife Joann and I decided to visit Coil Heaven in Laurel, Maryland, and see what the fuss was about. I mark that down as one of the wisest decisions we have ever made. I am 62 years old with a bum knee, and in the past year was diagnosed as having a herniated disc that was pressing against the sciatic nerve and causing me several problems, such as numbness and at times loss of function in my right calf. My wife has had back problems at times, which would result in her being required to take pain pills and rest. Her biggest problem was standing on her feet over 1/2 hour and walking any distances. This is where Z-CoiL footwear comes into the picture.

Once we entered Coil Heaven we were greeted by the most energetic, professional and knowledgeable sales persons I have ever met. Ms. Kathryn Jo Ottman explained the concept and design of these shoes and showed us several pairs and styles. We tried several pairs on and walked around to test them. To make a long story short, these shoes are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever had on my feet. Since I have been wearing them, I have not had a single problem with my back, knees or feet. I now walk everywhere and just hate to take them off for the night. My wife is ecstatic that she can now walk around our development with ease, stand on her feet for longer periods of time and no longer requires pain pills for her back.

These shoes are truly amazing, but to really give them a test, my wife and I visited our grandchildren in Ocean City last week. Now you know when you have two little boys, one three and the other five, you must walk the boardwalk. Not only did we walk the length of the boardwalk, but at times carried one or both grandchildren. We even outlasted my daughter and son-in-law. All this because of these shoes. They are absolutely wonderful and I will never give them up. My wife loves them so much she is going back to Coil Heaven to order the high tops for winter.

To add one more item to our satisfaction list is Ms. Kathryn Jo Ottman. What a delight to have met her. She truly believes in this product and it shows. I can honestly say we bought these shoes not only because they felt good on our feet at the store, but because Ms. Ottman just won us over.

Thank you Z-CoiL and Ms. Kathryn Jo Ottman.

Joe and Joann Elwood
Havre De Grace, Maryland

Friday, October 29, 2004

New Footwear Product Providing Pain Relief for a Myriad of Conditions

Podiatry MGT

Z-CoiL® Pain-Relief Footwear™, based in Albuquerque, is a growing line of footwear dedicated solely to pain relief. Invented by Al Gallegos to initially help runners with numerous pain issues, the company quickly realized Z-CoiL customers were reporting pain relief for standard foot, leg and back pain-related ailments caused by disease, injury or overuse. Z-CoiLs have been slowly gaining ground with podiatrists as more patients discover the benefits.

Dr. Mark Lambert, D.P.M. at Pensacola Foot & Ankle Center in Pensacola, Florida and Dr. Timothy Young, D.P.M. at Issaquah Foot & Ankle Specialists of Issaquah (Photo), Washington have been using Z-CoiL Footwear with their patients for more than a year and are finding extraordinary outcomes. Dr. Ed Espe, a podiatrist in Bemidji, Minnesota has also experienced positive results with his patients.

“I can’t count the number of patients I have seen in the past twenty years with lower extremity problems due, at least in part, to their footwear. I am constantly on the lookout for innovations in footwear,” Dr. Espe says. “The Z-CoiL concept appears to be a potential breakthrough after years of gimmicky modifications to (mostly) athletic shoes. I can see great possibilities for our aging population to remain active for a longer period of time and for prevention of injuries in athletes.” The footwear is made with a rigid nylon and glass fiber UCBstyle prefabricated orthotic mounted on a coil spring at the heel to absorb impact and return some of the stored energy to the foot.

By Pam Trhlik, Communications
Manager, Z-CoiL Footwear

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(NOTE: The article is in .PDF format.)

Monday, October 25, 2004

The American Podiatric Medical Association Urges Americans to 'Knock Your Socks Off' at Every Doctors' Visit

BETHESDA, Md., Oct. 25 -- Did you know diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic foot amputations each year?

The feet often show the first signs of more severe medical conditions, such as diabetes, but they often are overlooked by primary health care physicians. The American Podiatric Medical Association's "Knock Your Socks Off" campaign encourages patients to ask their primary healthcare physician to examine their feet as part of their regular check-up.

"All too often, people have symptoms of diabetes, such as numbness in the feet, and don't even know it," says APMA President Dr. Lloyd Smith. "Early detection is paramount and something as simple as taking your shoes and socks off for a foot screening could assist in the diagnosis of diabetes earlier."

Close to 5.2 million people in the U.S. have diabetes and don't even know it, according to the American Diabetes Association. With foot disease as the most common complication of diabetes leading to hospitalization, the American Podiatric Medical Association suggests looking for these foot related diabetes warning signs:

* Redness
* Numbness
* Swelling
* Cold to the touch due to a lack of blood circulation
* Inflammation

Out of the 13 million people with diabetes in the U.S., 60 to 70 percent have mild to severe forms of diabetic nerve damage, which often includes impaired sensation or pain in the feet and hands. For this very reason, The American Podiatric Medical Association has selected the "Knock Your Socks Off" campaign to raise awareness about the importance of having feet, like any other part of the body, checked regularly.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Reggie Wilson: Customer Interview

Reggie Wilson drives a bus. It’s a thankless job filled with stress, time pressures and difficult customers. So, why does he love it? And, why would busy people actually wait for his bus? Because Reggie makes his customers smile! Listen to the Reggie Interview/Rap when he walked into the store yesterday looking for directions to the Red Balloon Shop.

Reggie's Web Site

‘Singing bus driver’ brings positive media focus to Metro

In just a few short months, Reggie Wilson has become a media celebrity as one of Metro’s outstanding operators.

It all started at the February shake-up, when Wilson jokingly told his passengers he was moving away. Heartbroken to be losing their beloved driver, some of the passengers called the Seattle Times to praise the man who filled their morning commute with songs and jokes.

The Times story ended up on the front page, catching the attention of readers and other media outlets. Since then, Wilson has been featured on KOMO Television; been a call-in guest on a Portland radio station; spoken to high school students about job satisfaction; and starred in a motivational video about getting the most out of your career.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dreaded foot injury has Sonics' Lewis in limbo

Dreaded foot injury has Sonics' Lewis in limbo: "Rashard Lewis has missed three practices and two preseason games in the week since he was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in his left foot.

He was out again yesterday and still doesn't know when he might be able to play again. In fact, no one does, which is precisely what makes it such a difficult situation, said Sonics coach Nate McMillan.

'That's exactly what is hard about it,' McMillan said. 'What I've experienced with that injury is you don't know how long it will take to get better.'
Lewis went through a shooting workout on Monday and said his foot was sore and tender afterward. He was told yesterday by Mike Shimensky, the team's trainer, that he probably won't be ready to play on Saturday against San Antonio, and McMillan said it wouldn't be a problem if Lewis missed the remaining four preseason games.

Plantar fasciitis kept Wally Szczerbiak out the first 3 1/2 months last season as he missed 44 games. The injury bothered Mateen Cleaves for half a season in Sacramento, getting so severe he couldn't walk without limping.

Those are worst-case scenarios. Sonics guard Ray Allen said he suffered from it one season, but it never kept him out of a game. The severity of the injury varies, and so does the recovery time.

'I'm starting to get concerned as I hear more and more about it. How long this injury can have you out,' Lewis said. 'I think my main goal is I really wanted to play in a couple more preseason games just to get my rhythm and ... work on my game.'"


Seattle Times Article
Tacoma Tribune

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 | Relieve foot strain step by step

WICHITA, Kan. - Some people say it feels like a sharp rock is poking you in the heel with each step.

For Nancy Robinson, it was as if "somebody had taken a hot knife and was twisting it in the bottom of my foot." Orthopedic surgeon Steve Howell has seen plenty of it, as a clinical assistant professor for the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita and during a foot and ankle fellowship at Vanderbilt University.

"It" is plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the plantar fascia, the ligament running from the base of the toes to the bottom of the heel bone.

It's caused mostly by overuse and -- wouldn't you know it? -- made worse by excess weight and increasing age. Which means you might someday experience it, even if you've never heard of it before.

The good news is, it will go away, though treatment may take more than a year.

Robinson's pain started about 18 months ago. It was gradual at first but kept getting worse, "so that I noticed sometimes I was really grouchy and I didn't know why, and then I'd realize -- my foot hurts really bad."

She speculates that being on her feet a lot (she owns a gift shop) "and I think maybe old age" (she's 57) contributed to the condition.

That's a possibility.

Howell says the blood supply to the ligaments starts declining as we get into our 20s, and the slowing metabolism and increasing weight that often go with getting older add to the stress on ligaments.

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By Karen Shideler

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Total Relief Footwear - Testimonial: Tammy Healy

Total Relief Footwear - Jobst Supportwear: "It was a Saturday afternoon when I limped into Total Relief Footwear. I could not imagine that I was going to have the ability to hike with our students that we were taking to Big Bend the very next day. My feet hurt everywhere and we were going to be hiking every day for a week. I expected that I might be able to 'tough it out' on the shorter hikes, but for the longer ones, I'd be sitting in camp. A friend had recommended Z-CoiLs, and although I was a skeptic, I was desperate.

A single mom with three kiddos and on a tight budget, I couldn't believe I was spending more than $30 on a pair of shoes for myself! But, again, I was desperate and my foot pain was beginning to affect not only my job (I work in a clinic and have to be on my feet a lot) but my time with my kids as well. I'd come home from work and flop down on the couch because my feet were killing me. Many nights my oldest son would make dinner and bring it to me because I just couldn't spend any more time on my feet. It's amazing how just about every aspect of your life is negatively affected if your feet are hurting. To compound the problem, I didn't have medical insurance, and really couldn't afford the cortisone injections that had been suggested. I decided that one visit to the doctor, for a temporary fix at best, was going to cost me more than the shoes would. "

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My Story: ShoeBox Mary - Z-CoiL Dealer Anchorage, Alaska

My mother was in Nakiski, Alaska visiting a friend she had gone to high school with. Now, that is a miracle in itself, as they are in their 70's and they know where each other lives and one isn't pushing up daisies.

They went up to Kenai, Alaska, about 15 miles away, to get some plants for her friend yard. While at the greenhouse my mother saw these goofy looking shoes with coils on the back and asked about them. She was told they were for pain. The lady sold them and then let you return them if they didn't fit. So, Mom got a flyer telling all about them as she was not sure of my size.

When she got back to Anchorage, she called and told me about these crazy looking shoes that were suppose to help with pain and that she had a flyer about them and would put it on the refrigerator so I could pick it up the next time I was over.

Several weeks went by and I had been to her house a few times but we had both forgotten about the flyer.

Early one morning a friend from the Kenai area called and was telling me about the shoes as they knew I had just started working a new job and was having real problems with my hips as the concrete aggravated my arthritis. They said they were selling like crazy there.

Later that night about midnight, I went to bed but just couldn't seem to get comfortable. I finely dozed off and out of no where I hear:

"Don't buy them, sell them".
W h a t....
Something goofy is going on....I rolled over and finally dozed again and I heard it again,

"Don't buy them, sell them".

Now something is getting real goofy...what am I suppose to not buy, but sell? (I didn't think of the shoes as it had been way over 12-14 hour since I had talked to my friend).

I finally got to sleep and about 4:30 AM I sat straight up in bed and said,"it's those damn shoes!!".

The next day I got up and headed to my mothers and got the flyer, came home and went upstairs to my friends and had them go on line and see if they could find out where to get them. We got the number.

The next day was a Monday and I called and asked if they were looking for dealers. I asked for information to be sent to me. (I had never had a pair on my feet.)

I got the information and of course it said you had to have a pair and like them before you could be a dealer.

I called and order my shoes and the day after I got them I wore them to work. No more pain! That was Aug 3 of 2000 and I opened the store on Nov 1, 2000. We had to wait till they got an order in October to get our first order of shoes.

NOW THE REST OF THE STORY: My father was a diabetic and heart patient. He passed away Feb 7, 2000. Before his death he had lost both legs just below the knee because of diabetes but was still able to walk with prostheses up to the day of his death. My mother and I started The Shoe Box from the life insurance he left her. After we became dealers, we found out that Z-Coil was working on a diabetic shoe. This has not progressed to well to date but is still something they are working on. After selling Z-Coils to many diabetic people, I have found how much they have helped with this affliction.

I believe these shoes are the new-age answer to many health issues and I guess someone "up there" thought the same thing. Don't know where the voice came from that told me to do this but when things get tight I just say "OK you better help me out here or I can't get the bills paid" and it seems to work every time.

Now I guess you have most of my story. The rest is - we were the first retail Z-Coil shoe store other than the one the company has in Albuquerque.

Shoe Box Mary

P.S. My mother now suffers from Alzheimer's so doesn't work in the store any more. She use to come in from time to time just to lace shoes or what ever but she isn't driving anymore so once in a blue moon my brother will drop her off for a couple of hours and she will lace shoe.

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Interview - My boss and mother wear Z-CoiLs

Audio Interview: I'm from South Carolina and I wear Z-CoiLs. My name is Davida and my mom is 68 years old. She says her legs hurt, but she mows three acres of grass twice a week wearing Z-CoiLs...

Email reply from FootZCoil

Thanks for the blurp.

Davida told me she saw you at the fair.

She ended up buying a pair of Velcro Cloud Walkers for her mother, a pair of Desert Hikers for her boyfriend, and a pair of Desert Hikers for herself.

What she didn't tell you is that she and my wife are Veternarians and we own our own Hospital with 21 employees.

I have been open 21/2 years.
The local newspaper just did an article on me yesterday.
I use talk radio and will be on again this week-end for an hour talking about fitness w/Z's.

Thanks again,


Monday, October 04, 2004

Z Shoe Store Etc., TV Commercial

Z Shoe Store Etc., Commercial Check out the Z-CoiL TV commercial from Z Shoe Store Etc, Scottsdale, Arizona. (Click Title)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Rio Rancho Observer Online : Balloon fiesta gets underway

Rio Rancho Observer Online: "ALBUQUERQUE - October in New Mexico is a delight to all the senses.

Leaves are turning autumnal colors, the smell of roasted green chile is wafting in the air, and hundreds of hot air balloons will soon fill the early morning sky at Balloon Fiesta Park.

Thousands of visitors from around the world have been coming to Albuquerque for 33 years to celebrate earth and sky at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (Watch Video).

This year's theme, 'Freedom in the Air,' captures the magic of adventure and the pioneer spirit of balloon pilots. Balloonists representing one-third of the world's countries will launch their magnificent flying machines to float gently over the beautiful New Mexico landscape, taking in the charm and grace of the view below, and rejoice in the oldest and most elegant form of flight.

The annual event runs through Sunday, Oct. 10."

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Balloon Cams

NOTE: Z-CoiL Footwear is based in Albuquerque, NM and will be exhibiting at the Balloon Fiesta.

Puyallup Fair: Interview - Hair Dresser with Bad Back

Audio Interview: My name is Gay and I've had my Z-CoiL hiking boots for five, six, seven, eight, nine months now and...

NOTE: During the Puyallup Fair, 77 photo/audio interviews were conducted in front of the Your2Feet booth. It would take over two hours to listen to them all in one sitting.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Two Cops

On Saturday, two cops walked their Blue Line beats wearing Freedom 2000's. They returned them several hours later because of the attention. Both commented that the weight of their utility belts seemed to disappear when wearing the springy footwear.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Booth Photos

A little girl stepped into the black Taos Clogs her mother tried on and bounced around in a circle.

Washington teens strike a Z-pose.

Spring Howlett, Spring's Pain Relief Z-CoiL Footwear Puyallup, and her son stopped by the booth Thursday night.

Last night, Dr. Timothy W. Young, Cascade Foot and Ankle - Issaquah, came by the booth to say hello.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Interview

Audio Interview: My name is Annie H. and I had major back surgery in November of last year. I have rods in my back and have been experiencing a great deal of pain on medicine and can’t find correct footwear. Within 10 minutes after wearing your shoes, I’m not in any more pain.

Jolmsted: So, you showed up here at the (Your2Feet) Puyallup Fair booth. We put your whole family in the shoes and you walked around the hall.

Annie: Right. I was in pain before I came to your booth and I was on my way home to take medicine because… (Photo: Annie's daughter.)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Interview and Photos

Audio Interview: My name is Loraine and I was convinced to get Z-CoiLs based my co-workers’ experiences. I work at the Post Office. And they helped the gals…

When the recording ended, Laraine, who didn't want her picture taken, stated she cried when the Post Office sent out a memo banning Z-CoiLs because of a work related accident. She continues to wear Z-CoiLs to work and keeps a letter from her Podiatrist prescribing the pain relief footwear, just in case a manager decides to make it an issue. She also said a mid level supervisor wears her Z-CoiLs on the job, too.

He works on his feet all day.

Posing like the Statue of Liberty

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Interview and Photos

Audio Interview: My son bought me these shoes because..."

Kids ask: How high can you jump in Z-CoiLs? So, last night, we had a little jumping contest.

All the contest participants mugged for the camera.

A couple shows off their new Teddy bear with a white and blue Freedom 2000.

Several fair attendes have gotten out of their wheel chairs to try on a pair of Z-CoiLs.

Puyallup Fair: i-Step Press Release


Seattle, (September 22, 2004) – Your 2 Feet, Seattle’s one stop shop for pain relief, has taken a big step toward providing customers with the ultimate in foot comfort by debuting the revolutionary iStep digital foot scanning system at the Puyallup Fair September. 10-26.

The iStep is a pressure analysis and orthotic diagnostic tool that provides “blueprints of your feet” and is easy for any customer to use. The simple computer system enables customers to run a 30-second gait analysis by standing and walking on a computerized pad, and receive an individualized blueprint of their feet’s pressure points with a recommendation for the correct orthotic. The interactive touch screen kiosk also measures foot length and width, and makes footwear recommendations that customers can get a personalized printout to take home.

"Our customers can now learn whether they have a high, medium or low arch and if there are pressure points on their feet while standing or walking that might be causing calluses, blisters or other pain. They’ll also discover which orthotics will help them feel completely comfortable during any activity," Dr. Lotchie Kerch, Podiatric physician, foot surgeon and owner of Your 2 Feet, says.

"We are always exploring options that will improve our ability to serve our customers. The iStep has been a great innovation in the foot health industry, and allows us to provide educational information as well as an easy way to choose exactly the right products to help treat or prevent foot pain," she says.

The iStep consists of a baropedometer containing 1024 barosensitive sensors and performs a complete mapping of the plantar pressure generated from a customer's feet. Scientific studies have shown that there is a direct cause and effect relationship between unbalanced pressure distribution during the gait cycle and lower extremity pain in areas such as the knee, ankle or foot.

After the fair, the iStep will be installed permanently at the Your2Feet Pine Street retail store 1201 Pine Street, Seattle. More Information.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Monday: Interview and Photos

NOTE: Yesterday, my digital camera that records audio clips stopped working. -JOlmsted

Audio Interview: My name is Mark Ross and I own two pairs of Z-Coils..."

She sat down, slipped on a pair of gray Taos Clogs, walked around the entire hall and said the Z-CoiLs reduced the pain in her lower back.

There was a Beatle group playing on the Coca Cola stage, filling the Crafts and More hall with tunes and she wondered by, put on a pair of Z-CoiLs and we danced a two-step in the concrete isle.

He came. He tried on a pair of Cloudwalkers. We didn't have the style he wanted. He paid in advanced. He will have his Z-CoiLs personally delivered to his work place early next week.