Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Snow Lake in the Cascades still had Blueberries!

Lotchie and friends do the eight mile trek to Snow Lake Sunday August 27. There were wild blueberries to eat and the cool lake to swim in! Posted by Picasa

Vashon Home Gets a Roof!

Anne stands in her Vashon home-with a new roof August 26,2006! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Seattle Weekly Ad

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Prayers for Michael Shipping to Iraq this week

Pictured here are Michael and David relaxing at the Pike Place Market's Copacobana restaurant on Saturday. Michael's Fort Lewis unit leaves for Iraq this week. His dad is Lotchie's cousin. Michael's family lives in Sacramento. He visited Seattle for a few hours with his grandmother, mom and dad. God speed for a safe return for all those men and women serving in the armed forces during our Iraqi occupation.Posted by Picasa

Over 4000 attendees including podiatrists from all over the country at the Las Vegas National APMA Convention last week.

Dr. Kerch attended the APMA National convention last week in Las Vegas. Her cousin Mary lives in Las Veags (middle). Fellow podiatrist Dr. Maria Bidny practices in Michigan. Learning opportunities and entertainment options were in abundance. Click on this link for photos of Dr. Kerch doing a parachute simulator and hiking phots from Mt Baker upon returning: by Picasa

Stunning sights seen on Mt. Baker Loop trail

Lotchie and David hiked Mt. Baker on Sunday. The Chain of Lakes features Iceberg Lake on one of the many vistas. Click on this Flickr site for more photos:
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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Seafair Parade in Magnolia with the Red Hat Ladies

Lotchie is pictured here with the Red Hat Ladies on Parade in Magnolia. Nell Andres(in the Center) is our Queen MUM. The Fort Lewis Color Guard is pictured behind us. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 04, 2006

Aren't They Adorable in Their Z-coils? Fifth Pair for Mary

This adorable Z-coil couple found us only after the Bellevue store closed.

Mary Lawrence started wearing her first pair a couple of years ago or so. She says, "Prior to wearing Z-coils I was unable to stand in place for longer than 5 minutes. I had a lot of difficulty walking to the point of needing disability parking. Now I am able to volunteer in a position that requires me to walk three hours at a time." Mary and Tim needed the foot bed of the Z-coils heat adjusted to a wider arch to provide more room and comfort for their arches. Mary also obtained a rubber wedge into the lateral coil to inhibit supination, or rolling out of the foot. Mary bought her fifth pair today- the Signature Anniversary shoe. She also had her coils replaced on her first pair of purchased Z-coils. We will be mailing her Anniversary out tommorrow since we are stretching the toe of the shoes out tonight.

Tim is a system administrator working on mainframes. He bought his third pair of Z-coil's today, trading his brown hikers for blue and white freedoms. He is wearing his new Spring Z's in the photo. We replaced his black freedom coils today with a new pair. Two pairs of his Z-coil footwear needed the left coil rotated 180 degrees in order to redistribute the pressure points in his heel and arch. His co-workers urged him to get the adjustments done on his Z-coils so he would wear them more. "I couldn't walk or stand in one place for more than a few minutes until I found Z-coils. (They) are the best shoes I have ever worn."

While in the store Mary mentioned doing back exercises, so we did a yoga workout including the pigeon pose.
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mt. Rainier hike to Panorama Point wearing Z-coil footwear

Lotchie is pictured here in her Z-coils hiking to Panaroma Point at Mt Rainier. There are more photos of the hike by clicking on the link below. One shows Lotchie's hiking companion, Vicki, sledding down in the snow with the beautiful wildflowers in the background. There was a marmot and a deer. Other hikers saw the mountain goats. It was blazing hot down the mountain, but quite cool here as the sunset. See Mt. Adams and Mt.St. Helens in the background.

To see more photos click here

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Lotchie's July Birthday Month ends at the North Olympic National Park Coast- Rialto Beach's Hole in the Wall

David and Lotchie are pictured in front of "Hole in the wall". They hiked several miles along Rialto Beach's wild coast and chose a campsite on the beach facing a large sea arch called "split rock". Further down the beach, around a few points, are the memorials to the crews from sunken ships scattered along the rocky shores.

49 years young, Lotchie has packed the month full of activities starting at Yosemite, then a hike with snow sledding at Mt. Rainier's panorama point, Shakespeare's plays (free in Seattle's parks), and ending the month enjoying the offerings of the Olympics: swimming in Lake Quinalt and Crescent Lake, hiking along the pristine coast, and witnessing a glorious sunset. Happy Birthday Lotchie!

For more photos of the Olympic National Park trip, click on this link:
Hiking photos
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