Sunday, September 26, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Two Cops

On Saturday, two cops walked their Blue Line beats wearing Freedom 2000's. They returned them several hours later because of the attention. Both commented that the weight of their utility belts seemed to disappear when wearing the springy footwear.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Booth Photos

A little girl stepped into the black Taos Clogs her mother tried on and bounced around in a circle.

Washington teens strike a Z-pose.

Spring Howlett, Spring's Pain Relief Z-CoiL Footwear Puyallup, and her son stopped by the booth Thursday night.

Last night, Dr. Timothy W. Young, Cascade Foot and Ankle - Issaquah, came by the booth to say hello.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Interview

Audio Interview: My name is Annie H. and I had major back surgery in November of last year. I have rods in my back and have been experiencing a great deal of pain on medicine and can’t find correct footwear. Within 10 minutes after wearing your shoes, I’m not in any more pain.

Jolmsted: So, you showed up here at the (Your2Feet) Puyallup Fair booth. We put your whole family in the shoes and you walked around the hall.

Annie: Right. I was in pain before I came to your booth and I was on my way home to take medicine because… (Photo: Annie's daughter.)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Interview and Photos

Audio Interview: My name is Loraine and I was convinced to get Z-CoiLs based my co-workers’ experiences. I work at the Post Office. And they helped the gals…

When the recording ended, Laraine, who didn't want her picture taken, stated she cried when the Post Office sent out a memo banning Z-CoiLs because of a work related accident. She continues to wear Z-CoiLs to work and keeps a letter from her Podiatrist prescribing the pain relief footwear, just in case a manager decides to make it an issue. She also said a mid level supervisor wears her Z-CoiLs on the job, too.

He works on his feet all day.

Posing like the Statue of Liberty

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Interview and Photos

Audio Interview: My son bought me these shoes because..."

Kids ask: How high can you jump in Z-CoiLs? So, last night, we had a little jumping contest.

All the contest participants mugged for the camera.

A couple shows off their new Teddy bear with a white and blue Freedom 2000.

Several fair attendes have gotten out of their wheel chairs to try on a pair of Z-CoiLs.

Puyallup Fair: i-Step Press Release


Seattle, (September 22, 2004) – Your 2 Feet, Seattle’s one stop shop for pain relief, has taken a big step toward providing customers with the ultimate in foot comfort by debuting the revolutionary iStep digital foot scanning system at the Puyallup Fair September. 10-26.

The iStep is a pressure analysis and orthotic diagnostic tool that provides “blueprints of your feet” and is easy for any customer to use. The simple computer system enables customers to run a 30-second gait analysis by standing and walking on a computerized pad, and receive an individualized blueprint of their feet’s pressure points with a recommendation for the correct orthotic. The interactive touch screen kiosk also measures foot length and width, and makes footwear recommendations that customers can get a personalized printout to take home.

"Our customers can now learn whether they have a high, medium or low arch and if there are pressure points on their feet while standing or walking that might be causing calluses, blisters or other pain. They’ll also discover which orthotics will help them feel completely comfortable during any activity," Dr. Lotchie Kerch, Podiatric physician, foot surgeon and owner of Your 2 Feet, says.

"We are always exploring options that will improve our ability to serve our customers. The iStep has been a great innovation in the foot health industry, and allows us to provide educational information as well as an easy way to choose exactly the right products to help treat or prevent foot pain," she says.

The iStep consists of a baropedometer containing 1024 barosensitive sensors and performs a complete mapping of the plantar pressure generated from a customer's feet. Scientific studies have shown that there is a direct cause and effect relationship between unbalanced pressure distribution during the gait cycle and lower extremity pain in areas such as the knee, ankle or foot.

After the fair, the iStep will be installed permanently at the Your2Feet Pine Street retail store 1201 Pine Street, Seattle. More Information.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Monday: Interview and Photos

NOTE: Yesterday, my digital camera that records audio clips stopped working. -JOlmsted

Audio Interview: My name is Mark Ross and I own two pairs of Z-Coils..."

She sat down, slipped on a pair of gray Taos Clogs, walked around the entire hall and said the Z-CoiLs reduced the pain in her lower back.

There was a Beatle group playing on the Coca Cola stage, filling the Crafts and More hall with tunes and she wondered by, put on a pair of Z-CoiLs and we danced a two-step in the concrete isle.

He came. He tried on a pair of Cloudwalkers. We didn't have the style he wanted. He paid in advanced. He will have his Z-CoiLs personally delivered to his work place early next week.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Sunday: Springy Soulful Interviews and a hand full of photos

Audio Interview: My name is Donald Mayfield and I was in an accident at work and was in a coma for 72 days and…

Wow! With Z-CoiLs, I'm 6'7" and my knees don't hurt! - Aspiring High School Sophomore Basketball Player

Audio Interview: My name is Dorothy T. and I was at the fair and I was going to buy a new pair of shoes so…

Dancers getting ready to perform.
The Your2Feet booth is 20 feet from the Coca Cola stage.

Audio Interview: My name is Paul and I have been a hairdresser for 17 years and I have been diagnosed with…

It is never to early to step into wellness.

Puyallup Fair: Dr. Kerch Hypnotized In Her Zs

Last night, Dr. Kerch was hypnotized by Travis Fox on the Coca Cola stage wearing her black sidewinder sandals accented with heavy wool socks.

She was still a little woozy from her experience when she returned to the booth.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Saturday Interviews and Photos

Click here to go to the Your2Feet Puyallup Fair Photo Gallery

Audio Interview:
My name is Chris and I have there shoes because I have bad arthritics and...

Can I get some (business) cards to hand out? (2 minutes, WAV)

50 Cent Jr. In Da Club
Springin with his Buds
Gettin Low

Dr. Kerch with her 18 year old son David.

She struck a Z-pose as Dr. Kerch explained how
Z-CoiLs reduce 50% of the impact with the pavement to a
flat footed fair goer.

Audio Interview: Kathy Batson, a Jazzercise instructor and
kindergarden teacher, is on her feet all the time and...
(2 mintues, WAV)

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Friday: Interview and Photos

My name is Tina Taylor
and I don't have
any foot pain
or leg pain
or back pain

After an early morning surgery, Dr. Kerch (center)
arrived at the Puyallup fair to educate attendees about
foot wellness and the Z-CoiL product line...

and welcomed a few into the expanding Your2Feet family.

This new Your2Feet family member was on a "first date"
and borrowed a couple of dollars from her date in order
to purchase a pair of Freedom 2000 Black Leather Z-CoiLs.

Fad or Future?
After walking the concrete floors for a couple of minutes,
these two decided Z-CoiLs definitely are footware of the future.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Thursday: Interviews and Photos

Attention Z-CoiL Dealers: The content from this blog can not be used on your business web site or for any promotional purposes. It can be used for news related publications such as a newsletter or blog. The Wednesday e-mail offering free use of all blog content was incorrect. -JOlmsted

I'm Peggy. I got the shoes because I was going to have both knees replaced and...

Photo OP: Two couples pose for a black Taos Clog fest snap.

Susan works at Safeway and was in an auto accident and...

Yesterday, I stopped in and snapped a couple
of pixs of Hugh Solaas, owner Shoe Safari Silverdale, WA
and his store on my way to the Puyallup Fair.

Huge was invited to exhibit at the local Costco
wellness/fitness fest this weekend.

Shoe Safari front window.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Press Release: Revolutionary Pain-Relief Resource Debuts at the Puyallup Fair

Washington Podiatrist/Surgeon Bringing Z-CoiLs to Thousands of Pain Sufferers

(Puyallup, WA)— Washington residents now have a new way of walking, with people talking about a revolutionary pain-relief resource. Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear™, specifically engineered to relieve foot, leg and back pain, is often called wacky, ugly or weird, but for those who suffer, pain is always uglier. Dr. Lotchie Kerch, a podiatric physician and foot surgeon for over twenty-years, has been providing Z-CoiL pain relief footwear in the Seattle area for several years and is temporarily expanding to bring this noteworthy resource to the Puyallup Fair, located in the Crafts and More Hall (Photo: Booth #952) through September 26.

Pain sufferers across western Washington are touting the benefits of Z-CoiL footwear, and Dr. Kerch has been working hard to introduce this remarkable pain-relieving resource. The footwear is becoming invaluable to people in careers that require extensive hours spent walking or standing and also to people who suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritis or bone-on-bone knee issues.

Z-CoiL Footwear features a unique conical-coil steel spring under the heel, which absorbs up to 50 percent of the impact from walking or running, according to studies by Los Alamos National Laboratories and the U.S. Department of Energy. A rigid, built-in orthotic cradles the mid-foot, equalizing pressure distribution to reduce the occurrence of heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, while extra cushioning at the forefoot and a permanent flex line at the ball of the foot improve comfort in the metatarsal area. This total foot support means less impact to the body, and less impact means less pain.

Al Gallegos, a 73-year-old maverick and Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear inventor and company founder, persevered for years to develop this revolutionary line of footwear. These “funny-looking shoes with the spring in the heel” have dramatically changed the lives of thousands of people who report either complete relief or a significant reduction in pain when wearing Z-CoiL footwear.

“The Puyallup Fair is an excellent opportunity to introduce Z-CoiLs to more people throughout the area,” Dr. Kerch says. “We are seeing hundreds of lives changed with Z-CoiL footwear and we want to be able to help so many more.”

Dr. Kerch operates two Z-CoiL footwear locations in Seattle. Dr. Z-CoiL is located at 1764 NW 56th St. and Your 2 Feet is at 1201 Pine St. To learn more about Z-CoiL footwear visit Dr. Kerch’s Web site at, call (206) 838-7338 or stop by the Z-CoiL booth at the Puyallup Fair exhibition hall through September 26.

A small company on a mission, Z-CoiL Footwear is gaining a tremendous and loyal following as word of its pain relief benefits is spreading, with 200 authorized dealers nationwide. For more information on the Z-CoiL Footwear company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or to find other store locations in Washington, call (800) 268-6239 or visit the corporate Web site at

Total Relief Footwear - Custom Hand-Painted Shoes

Total Relief Footwear - Custom Hand-Painted Shoes

Who said that pain relief doesn’t have to be fashionable? Now you can wear unique, hand painted Z-CoiL® footwear that feels as beautiful as it looks. Ideal for dresses and slacks on special occasions when you want to feel great and make a fashion statement as well!

Total Relief Footwear in Austin, TX has teamed up with a group of local Austin artists to provide a new and exciting line of customized pain-relief footwear. Each artist custom paints your shoes, using specially designed acrylic leather paints that hold up extremely well under normal wear. Click on the title to see more pictures of the Texas style Z-artwork and click here to see the footwear paint party in full swing.

Your2Feet Decorating Classes