Saturday, January 24, 2015

Linda Rogers Volunteers at the Food Bank Wearing Z-CoiL shoes.

Linda Rogers has been wearing Z-CoiL shoes for the past 15 years. She now has 4 pairs of shoes including her purchase today of her white Legend shoes from our store at “Your 2 Feet”. She states, "My white Z-Walkers need to replaced after lasting three years."

She learned about how Z-CoiL shoes work from her sister and brother-in-law, Tim and Laura. They wore the Z-CoiL shoes for quite a few years.

Steve and Linda met from a singles ad in Little Nickle and have been married for 23 ½ years.
Steve said, “The moment I saw her I realized I had been dreaming about her before we met.”

Linda allots funds for her purchase of Z-CoiL shoes. Roger reminds her, “I purchase three pairs of New Balance shoes, at $125.00 each pair, which last as long as one pair of Z-CoiL shoes.” This makes Z-CoiL shoes a bargain price, especially when they are the only shoes that give her relief.

Linda tells others who ask about her shoes, “Z-CoiL shoes do wonders for pain in my low back and knees. I will need a hip replacement for arthritis. I don’t wear any other shoes if I don’t have to.”

She retired in November 2007 from her position as an internal auditor for 5 branches of a credit union. For 14 years she assured compliance with credit union rules and procedures.
Thirteen years prior to this job, she worked in compensation and benefits in HR at a multi-care medical center.

For five years, she’s been volunteering at her neighborhood food bank.
After joining the food bank board 2 years ago, she now acts as a volunteer director for the North Mason Food Bank in Belfair, WA. This non-profit food bank has been in operation since 1982 relying on donations, volunteers and a rent discount from the landlord to stay open. She oversees other volunteers and deals with suppliers. Standing and walking on uneven surfaces in a warehouse with non regulation stairs can make walking hazardous.

Linda says, “I can tell the huge difference the four times a year I wear other shoes than Z-CoiL. Other shoes are not as comfortable, I have less stamina, and my low back and knee pain returns. I can’t wait to take those shoes off as soon as possible.”

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