Sunday, April 19, 2009

Geraldine Steinauer is a Great Winner and Learns How Diabetics Benefit From Our Store at Z-CoiL of Seattle

Geraldine was the last, but not least, of the winners from the recent raffle drawing. She came in today to pick up a free pair of silver socks. She has been a clerk at King County for the past thirty years. Robert fitted her with a pair of Tia's, Pain Relief Footwear. She is interested in the Z-CoiL footwear for her walk to work.

We just returned from the Diabetes Expo at Qwest Field and were in the process of restocking when Geraldine arrived. She had questions on our diabetic products. Her father is a diabetic and she is concerned about the proper socks and shoes for him. We reviewed the Z-CoiL for diabetics, the Jobst support stockings and the Elite Diabetic Footbeds. The Jobst stockings and the footbeds are currently on sale at show stopping special prices.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tyler W. Came in With Mom to Z-CoiL of Seattle

Tyler W. 2 years old, came in today trying on some crocs with his nana, Linda H. looking on. Mom Kristen W. was being fitted with a pair of black freedoms.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kevin Gallagher Has Good Looking Shoe for Being Six Years Old

Kevin G. has been a kindergarten teacher for 28 years at Bryant Elementary and gets frequent comments from the kids about his Z-Coils and their springiness.
Mr. Gallagher had two rear end car accidents in 1989. The injuries from this developed into a herniated disc in his lower lumbar region in 2003. The herniated disc was so painful he was "put on his knees". He went to the ER where he was put on brace crutches for 3 weeks, then regular crutches for three more weeks. His massage therapist, Anthony Michaels at Evergreen Chiropractic, referred him to our store at 1201 Pine St.for the Z-CoiL pain relief footwear.
He also went to an acupuncturist.
He followed up with research into the Z-coil footwear on the internet and decided to go for it when he saw coverage in the evening Pacific Northwest Magazine and in the paper. His first visit here, there was a nurse telling about how all the nurses on her floor wore the Z-CoiL so she wanted to try them out. This really convinced him he was making the right decision.
What was even more dramatic was the results he got immediately while trying on the shoes. He came in on crutches and he was able to walk out without the crutches. He was able to put weight on his legs and back for the first time since the injury in 2003.
This gave him much needed independence such as doing more things on his own, walking and coming back to his full self with a better quality of life.
"Standing in these shoes is so different than regular shoes since they give such a shock absorption to your step in the heel. For three years these were all I wore. After that the injury improved. Now he can wear them less-only two times a week is necessary typically since I am so much improved". He credits the shoes and his medical treatment together as the reason for his improvement.
Congratulations on such a recovery! He is a testimony to how long lasting and well made the Z-Coil pain relief footwear are to last six years. When will he get his second pair?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cynthia VanDevender is a Winner of Copper Socks

Cynthia V. came by our store at 1201 Pine St, Z-CoiL of Seattle, to pick up her winnings. She was congratulated on winning our recent raffle. She was very pleased with the copper socks which are unconditionally guaranteed. The socks fight odor, perspiration, bacteria, and fungi.

Meredy Davis Converted her Open to Enclosed Z-CoiL Footwear

Meredy Davis came in to exchange her open coils for enclosed coils on her Black Freedom Z-CoiL pain relief footwear that she just purchased last Friday.

She has worked at Safeco Field and the Key Arena for the past 4 years. Her legs and back are already not as tired after standing for so long at work on the concrete surfaces from wearing her new Z-CoiL, pain relief footwear purchased at our store located at 1201 Pine St.

She has been telling her co-workers the Z-CoiL, pain relief footwear, really work.
She had special fitting issues since she has narrow, bony feet. We used the side type insoles to take up the width, used extra padding for the bony prominences under the balls of her feet, and rotated her coils 90 degrees.

Jon Dalton Tells His Friends About Z-CoiL

Jon D. came in recently to buy open coils instead of enclosed coils for his work boots. He bought the boots this past February, but prefers the look of the open coil.

He used to wear Dr. Scholl insoles, but the Lynco arch supports help so much more, especially since they have the extra metatarsal support...and they last longer too. He bought a new pair of Lyncos today.

Jon D. tells his friends about the Z-CoiL and how it has helped his calf spasms go away. He used to have whole leg spasms which have gone away as well.He works graveyard on tile as a cashier at the Wallingford Chevron Extra Mile Store. He is either on the tile in the store or on concrete when he is on the lot. This used to cause both knees to be sore. The pain relief footwear, Z-COiLs, have really improved this and his quality of life all around.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pam Kalian and Carol Werlius Were Co-hosts for the Chocolate Tasting Launch

Saturday was the first of many tastings featuring Xocai the healthy chocolate at our store, Z-CoiL of Seattle. It is a fabulous business opportunity for those seeking supplemental income from a home-based business.
Our next event will be a gala event on April 25, Saturday at 5 PM. It will include a store tour with the latest remodel of our store, the premiere chocolate tasting, and the Grand Opening of the upstairs Salon "Trust". Your friends and guests are welcome. Please RSVP to my cell 206-786-0064.
For more information about the Healthy Chocolate and all of it's amazing contents and effects, check out my website:
See you there!

Sheryl Michels, with daughter Shelbie, is the last winner of the Z-CoiL raffle

Saturday was our first store choclolate tastings. It featured almost all of Xocai choclates. After choosing the limited edition Z-CoiL footwear, the Z-Trek, both mother and daughter attended the chocolate tasting event.

Freedom Roberts Claims His First Pair of Z-CoiLs as a Winner

The limited edition Z-trek footwear was the choice of a first pair of Z-CoiLs that Freedom owns. He won the pair in the recent raffle held at our store, Z-CoiL of Seattle at 1201 Pine St.

Dick Malloy With Lotchie Kerch, Owner of Z-CoiL of Seattle, Receiving His Winnings

The first raffle winner of the the Z-CoiL footwear, Dick Malloy came in to claim his pair of Grey Freedom athletic footwear. He was already the owner of a pair of black freedoms which are so comfortable he was happy to win a second pair.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Healthy Chocolate Tastings at Z-CoiL of Seattle Twice in April; Called Xocai

I wanted to let you know the date of three upcoming chocolate tastings. The first chocolate tasting of this month is at the Z-CoiL of Seattle store, at 1201 Pine St., at the base of Capital Hill, the corner of Minor and Pine St. on Saturday April 4th at 5 PM.
There is usually still plenty of pay street parking that time of day (only $2.50 till 6PM), but if you run late, there are two pay lots on either side of us. There will be samples of free chocolate and more information of the benefits of this healthy chocolate, some wine and even fondue-and you get to visit my store first hand.

It is fun to be in a group of like minded folks.

Visit this link for more information on the research behind the chocolate and why it works so well in balancing out the needs of the body. There are testimonials that Dr. Warren provides as well.

Here are two videos explaining even more about the Healthy Chocolate:

I hope you can make it this Saturday so you can take a tour of my store complete with the 24 styles of Z-CoiL pain relief footwear and other therapeutic items. I look forward to hearing from you soon and meeting you again to talk about this amazing chocolate,etc. Please call me at 206-786-0064 or e-mail me of which date best works for you.

There is a tasting in Bellevue on Wednesday April 8 at 7PM.

Z-CoiL of Seattle store has a triple combo of events happening on Saturday April 25 at 5 PM. There is the store tour seeing all of our products, the chocolate tasting, and the Grand Opening of the "Trust Salon" opening upstairs inside our store. Plenty to see and do.

Yours in Success and Gratitude with Yummy Chocolate
What a combination!

Linda Thayer Won Free Pair of Terrasoles from our Recent Raffle

Linda Thayer was the lucky winner of a pair of terrasoles from a recent raffle drawing we just had.
Many folks signed up at the Seattle Home Show, in February, the Northwest Women's Show from this past week-end and from the folks in our store at 1201 Pine St. Z-CoiL of Seattle.
Linda aslo added a pair of Lynco orthoses (arch supports) to her Z-CoiL sandals.