Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas For Last Minute Christmas Shopping

                                Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

First Time Biotrek Shoes Come Try Them For Yourself!

Bio-Trek is a brand created by Z-Coil which features a built-in orthotic --- but no spring system. Its a perfect product for those who need Z-CoiL's but cannot wear Z-CoiL's due to work requirements, or those who prefer or more conventional looking shoe. 
 Don't let its conventional look make you assume this is a conventional shoe. This is a piece of equipment that will protect your body from life's daily impact.
 Next built in their famous Z-Orthotic which is extremely rigid. The Z-Orthotic keeps your feet and ligaments stable preventing foot pain, plantar fascia and heel spurs. Impact is absorbed with a polyurethane mid-sole.

Please visit us at the Seattle "Your 2 Feet" store at 1201 Pine St, 98101.
Call us for more info: 206-786-0064. Biotrek are the shoes with the orthotics built in. Get these 3 styles while they last-limited quantities. Other Biotrek styles are not on sale.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Sergi Chernishov-Wears Zcoil Shoes For Four Years

Sergi started wearing Zcoil shoes four years ago. He has 4 pairs of Zcoil shoes. He has been wearing Zcoil shoes to ease the pain in his right knee, caused by cartilage deterioration. He learned about the shoes from his uncle when he shared his good experience wearing the Zcoil shoes.

Sergi and his wife Svetlana have been married for 21 years.
 They met in Russia and now live in Vancouver Canada. They come to "Your 2 Feet" in Seattle from Vancouver looking for another pair of Zcoil shoes.

Sergi is a drywall taper and has been doing flat ceiling restoration for the past 25 years. Sergi's boss is promoting safety so he has recommended slip resistant and steel toed shoes.

Sergi currently owns four Zcoil styles: Santa Fe dress, blue and white tennis shoes (freedom), white walkers and a pair of sandals.

He says, "Since the shoes make you an inch taller, your feet are an inch from the ground. This (difference acts as a barrier to water) which keeps your feet drier". He is very pleased with the benefits he has received for wearing Zcoil shoes.

Our Seattle store "Your 2 Feet" is his favorite source of Zcoil shoes for the past 4 years. Please call 206-786-0064 for more information. We are located at 1201 Pine St in Seattle, WA 98101

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Z-coil Success and Newlyweds From Pamela and Leonard Goodman

Pamela has been wearing Z-coil shoes for the past five years. She is well stocked in the different styles: two pairs of the the z-walkers, a pair of sandals and hiking boots. She made the trek from Bainbridge to our store in Seattle, "Your 2 Feet" to add a pair of white Freedom's (tennis shoe) to her repertoire.
She was introduced to the Z-coil shoes by a Costco worker who checked ID's. Leonard did further research on the computer, came in to buy a pair of Lynco arch supports and decided to try the Z-Coil footwear as well. He's been wearing the same pair for five years.
Pamela OTJ injury motivated her to try the pain relief footwear-Z-coil. Her job at Pacific Coast Evergreen entailed lifting and repetitive turning. While twisting she heard a pop and ruptured her discs 15 years ago. She had radiating pain to her legs and suffered from foot drop and fallen arches, even after surgery. Then arthritis set in.
She quit her job at Pacific Coast and worked in Home Care for two years. Now she is a homebody practicing her passion of embroidery. Her dining room contains an embroidery machine, Serger Jet air threader. She works on quilts from baby to queen size. Her living room contains a 10' long arm machine; she rolls a trolley cart that circles on a frame stretching and matting. (forgive me Pamela, and embroiderers everywhere, if I messed all that up).
The Z-Coil shoes have relieved her back pain. She has so much foot pain when she tries regular shoes, she doesn't want to go without her Z-CoiL footwear.
Pam met her husband Leonard six years ago from She wanted to meet someone who lived on the Island (Bainbridge). She lived in the "boonies" near Port Orchard. He lived in Silverdale-close enough for courting.
Leonard works for He works for the government building/sautering for the army, air force airport, etc.. He makes the cables that bring us the things that make our lives easier. He crimps and sauters= jacketing? He feet used to feel "heavy" until he tried the Z-coil footwear.. He lost 50 pounds so now his feet have hurt less.
Pamela is walking the treadmill two miles on an incline and has lost 40 pounds. She suffers from restless leg and needs leg and back massages. When they used Nutrisystem they lost weight, but it all came back as soon as they stopped. Now they have started a lifetime commitment to green juicing. Walking with the Z-coil helps her pain.
People ask "are the zcoil shoes comfortable?"; "do you like the z-coil shoes"?
She replies "Yes, I Love Them! I wouldn't wear any other shoes. I refer these shoes to friends and family."

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Louise Roby Looking For Love Finds Z-coil

There are many reasons for people to migrate from southern California to Seattle. Love is found in interesting places and the heart leads the way. Romance (and then marriage in 2002) motivated Louise to make the leap of love. Louise met her husband by chance on the Internet. It wasn't an Internet dating service. They were on a website forum for retired people discussing a shared passion: physics. Her husband has a bachelor science degree in physics. She is well read on the subject and says "I love physics". He thought it was cool she was interested and said, " I have never a woman that was interested in physics." Their long distance relationship lasted for three years, flying between the states to be together.

Louise retired to move here. She was a recycle coordinator for the city of LA airport for twenty two years. She was a low level manager in the maintenance department. I was the "Queen of Trash", a trashy lady.

In 2003, Louise R. was looking for an electrical parts store in Bellevue. The electrical store was no longer there. It had been replaced by a Z-coil shoe store (no longer in business). The store employee, just arriving, invited them to come try on Zcoil shoes.

Since she was suffering from back pain, Louise was intrigued when she heard the premise behind the design of the shoes was for impact reduction. Over the years she has purchased six pairs of Zcoil styles: High desert hiking boot, a grey and black Mary Jane style, freedom black (tennis shoe) and two pairs of sandals. With today's purchase of the latest Zcoil 2.0 style, the Daydream, she now owns seven pairs of Z-coil shoes. Love brought about her move to Seattle, and it was here she was introduced to Zcoil shoes by happenstance.

What should be of importance to folks Louise says is "I can go longer, faster and get lots of mileage with the Zcoil shoes. Whenever I wear Tiva's or flat sandals my back pain returns because of all the pressure."

She says," I dont' want you to go out of business. I want to buy these shoes from you in person, not on the Internet. I'm 'selling' the idea of Z-coil shoes all the time. When someone asks me about my 'weird shoes', I tell them the point is they were made for athletes for runners to reduce stress on their joints. I have told people I know with RA how they should try out the Zcoil shoes."

When Louise was diagnosed with plantar fascitis, she added wearing orthotics inside the Zcoil to obtain the relief she was seeking.

She has just purchased the new 2.0 style which were designed with a lower profile arch. This clog style she chose are, "These are really good. I normally hate shoes and think of shoes as foot prisons, torture chambers. These are more comfortable than most shoes, a good fit, but they have more room across the arch. I think it is the elastic stretching in the arch of this shoe thaat feel better than most shoes. They're 'cool' and I want to wear them out today."

Louise is currently a mixed fiber media artist. She has joined a group of artists she trained with at the fiber arts certification center at the UW called "Fiber 19". They plan on displaying their art at shows. These dates are to be listed in the surface designer magazine and website (membership required).

Louise is a true advocate for Z-coil shoes. She now owns seven pairs of Z-Coil and volunteers her testimony to whoever inquires and recommends them to her friends. We appreciate you Louise!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Seattle Mayor McGinn Visits "Your 2 Feet" in Capitol Hill

Mayor McGinn discusses issues pertinent to business owners in Capital Hill with Dr. Lotchie Kerch, proprietor of "Your 2 Feet" offering foot solutions for foot, leg and back pain.

                                           Capitol Hill is experiencing a total makeover.
A multi-use high rise is being built on the west side of "Your 2 Feet" making parking scarce during heavy construction days and garbage pick up sporadic.
Parking is a hot topic in Capitol Hill with the new green meter machine per street realizing a rate increase.

A community meeting followed our meet and greet. Discussing the closure of the Bahous, a beloved coffee shop on Melrose and Pine St., elicited a passionate debate-developing vs. preserving. A multi-use new construction site is planned for the building housing the Bahous.

Shoplifting and crime has markedly diminished because of the dog park and the high rise construction west of us on Pine.

                               Visit our store at 1201 Pine St. when you are hungry.
Melrose Market, Taylor Shellfish Farm (freshly caught and prepared shellfish), and Terra Plata Restaurant have established our block as Capitol Hill's version of New York's restaurant row.
There's a butcher shop, a cheese shop, a wine shop, deli and more.
You won't lack of great places to eat in this block. Next door is the Baguette Box (soups and sandwiches), followed by L'il Woodies (shakes and burgers) and Machiavelli's (Italian food) on the corner. Vietnamese pho and sandwiches are served across the street.

We appreciate Mayor McGinn's hands on approach to discussing our community's issues.
Thank-you mayor for visiting us at Your 2 Feet in Seattle WA 98101

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adrian Doll Volunteers as Retired Carpenter in Zcoil's

Adrian came in to Your 2 Feet, 1201 Pine St., to purchase his third pair of Z-coil's recently.

In this picture Adrian is wearing his first pair of well traveled white Freedom Z-coil shoes.
He has been wearing Z-coils for the past 10-11 years. In addition to the Z-Coil's pictured here, and a pair of black freedoms, he now has a pair of the black Z-walker style of Z-coil's.
                      After Adrian retired as a cabinet finish carpenter, he and his wife traveled around the US in their RV for thirteen years. After first seeing someone wearing the Z-coil shoes in Arizona, he spent two years studying Z-coil shoes. He questioned Z-coil wearers as to how they worked for them and how they liked the shoes.
                     Pain motivated Adrian to seek relief from the Z-coil shoes. He suffered from sciatica and even now he will have to crawl to the couch if he slips into a pair of regular shoes. Wearing Z-coil shoes controls the pain, it doesn't cure it.
                     When Adrian was asked for more personal information Adrian said, "I was born and raised in North Dakota. While I was in the air force for 6 years I was stationed in California and So. Dakota. It was very rewarding when my wife and I did volunteer work with MAPS (a Christian organization- Mobile America Placement Service- while traveling in the RV. I used my carpenter skills for assisting in maintaining MAPS buildings at camps, churches and especially helping with the teen challenge program."
                      Asked what his favorite place while driving around the country in his RV was Adrian said, "We traveled in the RV up and down the coast and all over for 13 years. WASHINGTON is my favorite! It always makes it nice and there is nothing that can beat, returning home to the Evergreen State."
                      People often ask Adrian about the Z-coil shoes. "I encourage folks with back problems to use the Z-coil shoes. The other day I saw a homeless man in Everett who was walking stooped over. I asked him if he had sciatic pain. When he said he did have sciatic pain, I told him how the Z-coil shoes helped me. I asked him if he would wear the shoes, I would give him my first pair of Z-coil shoes."
                      We are so pleased that such a kind and generous man has obtained such pain relief, from his sciatica, wearing Z-coil shoes. He has showed us another way to 'pass it on".
                      Are you ready to try the Z-coil experience? All you have to lose is your pain.      
                      Your 2 Feet  206-786-0064


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Podiatrist Treats Stars (and Wanna Bes)

Chryssie Whitehead thanks Dr. Kerch with a special invitation to see her starring in the Lola role in Damn Yankees. She even meets us after her recent 5th Avenue performance.

Dr. Kerch treats stars of the stage and all the wannabes. She will provide answers and treatment options for foot, ankle or leg pain.

Call 206-786-0064 for an Appointment with Dr. Kerch, 1201 Pine St. Clinic. Seattle, Wa 98101

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Former LA Actress Poses in Her Z-Coil Shoes at Your 2 Feet Seattle Store

Jennifer Lee has been wearing Z-Coil shoes for the past 6 years.  Now she has five pairs of Z-Coil shoes. She bought her first pair in Arizona after nurses she met recommended them.

Jennifer had the coils replaced on a pair of black Taos clogs during her recent visit to Seattle's Z-coil store "Your 2 Feet". The new coils replaced the five year old coils that were on her Taos clogs.

She also purchased a pair of the Daydream Z-Coil style shoe. The new Freedom 2 Daydream slip on style shoe has a lower profile.

It is best to replace the coils on your Z-Coil shoes about every year or two. The coils may look fine, but the steel coils do fatigue with diminishing effectiveness over the years. It will feel like the first time you tried on the Z-Coil shoes and you will really notice that spring in your step return when you try on a new pair of Z-CoiL shoes. It's time to replace your 5 or 6 year old Z-Coils! Come visit us at Z-Coil of Seattle, "Your 2 Feet", to step into a new pair.

The Daydream style is the newest addition to her other Z-Coil styles:  Taos Zipper, Spring Z, and a pair of grey clogs, and two pairs of Taos clogs.

She currently works as a Costco vendor.

Jennifer tells people she meets," The Z-Coil shoes have really helped my bad back and bad knees. They are all I wear. They act like shock-absorbers for your body."

Jennifer Lee used to be a game show hostess and had her own TV talk show in the day.

When I took this photo I captured her beautiful smile, wearing Z-Coil shoes, showing that spark of the stars.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Tips & Injury Advice for Common Foot and Ankle Injuries That Can Stop Runners Dead in Their Tracks

Making running part of a workout routine leads to better physical stamina and a more positive state of mind—but a detrimental foot injury can quickly stop runners in their tracks. Keeping feet healthy and pain-free can go a long way toward ensuring that every run is enjoyable, for both experienced runners and those just starting out. Following a few simple steps provided by Dr. Lotchie Kerch (APMA), before hitting the trail or treadmill, can keep foot and ankle injuries at bay.
“Some of the most common running-related foot injuries that today’s podiatrists treat are arch pain, tendonitis, and blisters,” said APMA president Kathleen Stone, DPM. “However, if runners can take just a few minutes to stretch properly pre-workout, select appropriate footwear, and see a podiatrist immediately when foot pain occurs, many of these ailments can be avoided entirely.”
In order to get the most out of each run without falling victim to injury, Dr. Kerch recommends the following:
Select a good running shoe: According to Karen Langone, DPM, president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM), the most important running tip is proper shoe selection. “A running shoe purchase is dependent upon the type of foot and function of the foot for the individual. Runners should research shoe construction and keep in mind that footwear can vary in size from one manufacturer to the other,” she said.

Your 2 Feet is located at 1201 Pine St., the base of Capitol Hill, in Seattle, 206-786-0064. We offer a variety of manufacturers with running shoes ordered to fit and therapeutic shoes. Dr. Kerch owns and operates this Pain Relief Center. Her expert advice and having direct access to many pain relief products for the foot and ankle at the time of your visit expedites the healing process.
Select good socks: Runners should always fit shoes with the socks that they plan on wearing during a run. Socks should be made of a blend that pulls moisture from the skin, fit well and be comfortable when worn with a running shoe. The Your 2 Feet store is located at 1201 Pine St., at the base of Capitol Hill in Seattle, 206-786-0064. We have a wide selection of performance and comfort socks fabricated with materials efficient in pulling moisture from the skin-"wicking". We have Injinji Toe Socks which are performance socks beneficial in diminshing blister formation.

Stretch out and build momentum: Before a run, begin by warming up and gently stretching for 5-10 minutes, focusing on lower leg muscles. Amateur runners should start with short distances, increasing distance over time to help prevent injury. All runners should begin every workout slowly, as this allows the body to warm up further and decreases the chance of muscle strain. Runners should focus on keeping both the feet and entire body relaxed, avoid tensing or cramping toes, and run with a gait that feels the most natural. Runners should stop running immediately if any pain is experienced.

Cool down and rest: After reaching the end of a running workout, cool down and stretch for about 10 minutes. Submerging the lower extremities in an ice bath after longer runs can reduce muscle soreness, as can the use of a self-massager designed for post-athletic activities. Muscle pain is common after exercise, and minor injuries may be treated with the RICE regimen (rest, ice, compression, elevation).

Your 2 Feet store is located at 1201 Pine St., at the base of Capitol Hill in Seattle, 206-786-0064. We have therapeutic products that aide in healing specific conditions. We have five different types of arch supports, top of the line foot and ankle supports, braces, night splints and other products are designed especially for quick healing from a bunion or hammertoe to products for ankle stress and strains. After careful research, a therapy kit developed at Your 2 Feet, has been found to be beneficial for those suffering from heel pain/ plantar fascitis.
However, if pain does not resolve itself after several days—or returns immediately upon resuming exercise—runners should seek out care from Dr. Kerch, an APMA member podiatrist immediately. Frequent runners should see a podiatrist on a regular basis to maximize any running program and prevent serious injury. Dr. Kerch is a podiatric physician and surgeon, also known as a podiatrist, qualified by education, training and 30 years experience to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle and structures of the leg. Dr. Kerch's medical education and training as a DPM included undergraduate education, four years of graduate education at the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine, an accredited podiatric medical college, and hospital residency training. She is also Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Dr. Kerch is licensed by the state of Washington to practice podiatric medicine. Appointments are recommended by calling 206-786-0064. For more information, APMA’s Runner’s Resource page at  Founded in 1912, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the nation’s leading and recognized professional organization for doctors of podiatric medicine (DPMs).

Monday, February 06, 2012

ER critical nurse, Mary Alice Parker, Wears Z-CoiL Even Though She Has No Pain

Mary Alice Parker has been wearing Z-CoiL footwear for the last 6 years after seeing a brochure in a doctor's office at Group Health.

As a ER critical care nurse at Group Health, Mary Alice had been wearing Birkenstock sandals. After reading the brochure about the Z-CoiL shoes, she decided to give them a try. Mary converted to the Z-CoiL shoes although,"I have no pain, but I prefer comfort, so I wear the Z-CoiLs. I usually shop at St. Vincent de Paul since I prefer to pay $20.00 for a pair of shoes. By comparison, the Z-CoiL's are pricey. I find the value outweighs the cost. I really like them." She's heard orthopedists recommend Z-CoiL's to help relieve pain for bad backs.

Before working at Group Health, Mary Alice used to work at Virginia Mason. She got her nursing training 40 years ago in Wisconsin. In addition Mary Alice has had training in family therapy. She was a nursing teacher in Wisconsin years ago. When she moved to Capital Hill she began to officially work as an RN.

"I had a period of adjustment learning how to be safe wearing the (open) coils (Z-CoiL) at work. There are sometimes 8 pumps working at once in an ER room so it is imperative to learn to step carefully over all the cords", says Mary Alice. Now she relates having no problem with cords since she has trained herself to be careful.

Her first pair of work shoes were the white Freedoms (athletic style). They lasted three years until she went hiking in Nepal. Her favorite Z-CoiL, the ones she mostly wears, are her Sidewinder Sandals. She is on her second pair of black sandals. Because of her low arches, and previous foot surgery, the rigid foot bed arch support needed adjustments. While in the store, the arches were heated to expand and lower the rigid footbed of the Z-CoiL's to accomodate and keep the pressure from rubbing on her low arches. In addition she has a pair of black tennis shoes. She now comes to "Your 2 Feet" in Capital Hill for her most recent purchase of a pair of Loryn's (tan zippered Z-CoiL) shoe.

Although Mary Alice is officially retired five years ago, she now works per diem at Group Health. Her workdays are 12 hour night shifts. Per diem allows her the flexibility to adjust her hours around her travels all over the world. She has been to all seven continents. She went to Antartica four years ago on a cruise. She traveled on a small ship, which embarked from Iceland, for a 3 month cruise. She wears her Z-CoiL sandals the most (except in Antartica), but always takes another pair along in case she wants to go hiking. A couple of weeks ago she returned from a Hawaii cruise.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Linda Hill and Sassy Are Colorado Bound With ZCoiL

Linda Hill came from Ellensburg to buy a pair of workboots. She bought her first pair of Z-CoiL shoes two years ago. A nurse practitioner, Linda's co-worker, told Linda about the shoes. The nurse practitioner's sister wore the shoes to relieve pain from a bad back and bad knees. Linda wears the Z-CoiL shoes to relieve hip and lower back pain. She says,"Being larger it's harder on the bones. My Z-CoiL's take the compression off my back."

Linda works as a director of nursing services at an assisted living facility. This entails working 16 hour days mostly on her feet. She got her nursing training 10 years ago in Yakima.
Linda relates a family genetic history of "bad bones". She feels wearing the Z-CoiL's has kept her from needing her hips replaced. Her brother is 6 years older and is needing a hip replacement. He lives in Phoenix. Her other three siblings are deceased.

Prior to wearing Z-CoiL shoes, her previous shoes lasted 6 months. Just prior to wearing her Z-CoiL's she had to replace her shoes every three months because of her grueling workdays. She says," I am surprised how long my first pair of Z-CoiL's (black freedom) have lasted. I still wear my first pair to work after two years." She decided to convert the open coils on her black athletic shoes, to enclosed coils.
Linda is a good daughter. She's going to be wearing her newly purchased workboots to help on her fathers ranch in Colorado as he recovers from open heart surgery.  She will be at the ranch for at least 6 weeks, or up to 3 months, depending on her dad's progress in rehab. She'll be caring for her dad and the cows with her Pekinese, Sassy. Sassy is 3 1/2 years old and is being trained to travel in a carrying case. For $125.00 she will be hand carried onto the plane going to Colorado.
Linda comes to Seattle regularly to see her daughter who is a manager at a Hairmaster in the U district. Her son is a plumber in West Seattle.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Corrinne Cain says, "I wouldn't be able to work without my (five pairs) ZCoiL shoes."

Corrinne Cain bought her fifth pair of Z-CoiL pain relief footwear today. She purchased most of her shoes at our previous location in Ballard, but now she comes to our Capital Hill location to buy her Z-CoiL shoes.
Her current styles are a brown pair of Z-walker velcro shoes, two pairs of freedom (athletic shoes) blue and white, and a pair of sandals. Today she purchased a pair of work boots.
Corrinne previously had to have the tension on her coils changed to correct her "pronation". This is a medical term relating to the position of her feet during gait. Because the work boots come with enclosed coils, tension re-setting is limited. She will be re-evaluated at a future visit as is necessary to make coil tension adjustments.
She purchased her first pair 10 years ago because of her heel pain. Ten years ago Corrinne saw an OR nurse wearing the Z-CoiL shoes. He was from Arizona. The nurse was wearing the Zcoil shoes because they were helping his plantar fascitis and bone spurs. Corrinne states this is her same problem and the Z-CoiL footwear have helped relieve her pain. She says, "I wouldn't be able to work without wearing my Z-Coils and my custom orthotics."
She has worked as an X-ray technician in the OR since 1971. Since 2001 she has been working at the Swedish First Hill Campus. She plans on retiring in less than 4 years.