Friday, January 29, 2010

Look What You Can Do in Your Z-CoiL's!

Taurean McLean has fun with Simon wearing his Z-CoiL's.

Going to the Dogs? Z-CoiL's Fill You With Pep!

When your dogs get really tired, come to Z-CoiL of Seattle!... and your feet as well. We'll fill you with zip.
Taurean McLean is pictured here with his feisty terriers. These soft coated Wheaton terriers are bilingual. Taurean has had them since they were puppies. The white one is Sheba. The brown one is Simon. Simon has distinct lineage and is a Finnish champ. He has competed in his lifetime.
Taurean and his wife visited Tucson three years ago to purchase their second dog.
The breeder was wearing the Z-CoiL pain relief footwear.
Taurean says, " My wife was suffering from a bad case of plantar fascitis. She bought 2 pair-the Freedom and Z-walker styles. I thought they looked cool so I bought the Freedom style as well."
He continues, " I have flat feet which translates into other problems in my knees and hips. I enjoy the Z-CoiL footwear. They make my feet feel enormously better at the end of the day."
Taurean and his wife live in Mexico near Puerto Vallarta in the country. They have lived there since Taurean retired his financial consulting business seven years ago.
They are remodeling their house in Kirkland. When completed the house will be going on the market soon. They want to get back to Mexico in the next few weeks so look for a real bargain!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


JoAnn Sherrick has worked at Sam's Club for seven years. Now she is a photo attendant, but for years she was doing demo work. This was very strenuous on her body since the floors are concrete.
Before this job she worked as a waitress for 50 years. She would have liked to stay there, but that was before she learned about Z-CoiLs. The pain she was having made her quit. She suffered a fall at work and sprained her back. She never missed a day until she quit.
Then she fell at the Northgate Mall and shattered her humerus (arm bone). Within a year and a half she had six surgeries to repair that fracture.
She has had severe back pain for 18 years, worsening every year. The diagnoses includes degeneration of the spine, floating and bulging disc, scoliosis, and the spinal nerve endings are exposed. She has arthritis from the neck all the way down the back.
Her doctor states that, since there are so many levels of her back injury, they can't operate. He said "What if it doesn't heal?" Her orthopedists give her pills and send her away.
Things really changed six or seven years ago when she first started wearing the Z-CoiL pain relief footwear. JoAnn says, "I wouldn't be able to work without my Z-CoiLs. I wish I had known about the Z-CoiL's when I was a waitress. I would have been able to continue working at that job if I had worn them."
She continues,"These shoes help so much when I am walking. I tried switching to my Clarks for a walk to the mall. I had so much pain I had to take a break to take my pain pills. I learned my lesson. I used to refuse to wear my Z-CoiLs in certain situations, but I know the Z-CoiL's stop the pain. I don't want that pain back so I wear my Z-CoiL's."
Her first pair of Z-CoiL pain relief footwear were the Freedom Black (athletic shoe) style. About two years later she bought the black Taos Strap ( Mary Jane style). A year ago she purchased the Loryn style.
She has found if she replaces her open coils every year this totally rejuvenates her Z-CoiL pain relief shoes. She bought a new pair of coils today at Z-CoiL of Seattle at the base of Capital Hill. It was not necessary to adjust her Z-CoiL shoes. Most people do not need any custom adjustments, but the Lynco or Superfeet orthotics add an amount of support to the Z-CoiL experience.
JoAnn says, "I used to wear out $120.00 shoes in 3 months. I'm on my feet so many hours that normal shoes just do not last long. My Z-CoiLs last much longer. If you have back or leg pain, these Z-CoiL's help a lot."
JoAnn is a young 72 years old and gives testimony that you can return to work ( if you want to) without pain wearing the Z-CoiL footwear.