Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Z-Coil Shoes of Chicago: Testimonials

Testimonials: "Six years ago I had such horrible pain in my feet that standing to teach all day became unbearable. In the mornings it felt as though every ligament in the bottom of my feet was tearing. After standing and walking I would have horrible heel pain. I began wearing orthotics and received occasional cortisone shots. The pain subsided at times but I found that my feet felt tired and the night time throbbing in my feet and legs would cause me to either lose sleep or reach for pain relievers.

Within those six years I had four children. The weight from each pregnancy and the subsequent work-outs to lose the 'baby weight' took a toll on my feet. Being an active mother of four young boys does not give me a lot of time to concentrate on myself. I started Physical Therapy but found it to be such a time constraint and very painful. I was receiving over two hours of therapy three times a week. The therapy included stretching, massage, ultrasound, electrodes, and cold packs. Often I would walk out of a session on my tiptoes because of the pain.

A neighbor told me about Z-Coils and at first I was reluctant. I watched her bounce back (excuse the pun) from years of limping to walking normally. It has been less than a month since I bought by Z-coils but I can't believe the difference. I no longer say 'forget it' if I have forgotten a grocery item from aisles away. I can run more than one errand in a day and have even been seen walking in a mall again! My legs and feet don't have the tired and achy feeling that once kept me from my daily tasks. I can't wait for the Spring when I will be back in for my sandals. I know the kids will appreciate having a mom that can keep up with them!

Rebekah P.
Batavia, IL"

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