Saturday, October 17, 2009

Z-Coil on the Tube

Z-Coil on Local Television

We will be running some TV ads in the near future. This is an ad that has run on local Seattle television

Z-Coil on National Television

Z-coil was featured on Good Morning America, and The Drs.

In January, on The Drs, Z-Coil Was mentioned among the Top 10 Health Trends of 2009".

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hear Our Radio Interview With Dr. Pat and Dr. Cluffy

The inventor of the Cluffy Wedge is featured on this radio interview. Please click on this link to learn if you are a candidate for receiving the cluffy test of your great toe motion at Z-CoiL of Seattle located at 1201 Pine St. 98101

Elaine Burnet Refused Surgery and Got Pain Relief with Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear

Elaine has worked for Home and Auto Insurance for the past eight years as an adjuster. She helps folks rebuild after catastrophic losses. Her department has especially involved in the ongoing California fires.
Nine years ago she had a torn right meniscus. She refused surgery, "I knew it would heal. But I gained sixty pounds in the process." She had to be inactive during the healing process. That is until she started wearing her first pair of Z-CoiL pain Relief Footwear five years ago from our store at 1201 Pine St in Seattle.
She heard about the shoes from her sister who had suffered from heel spurs for six years. She got relief from wearing the Z-CoiL pain Relief Footwear after years of a lot of pain.
Her niece also wears the shoes. She had a serious fractured ankle. During rehab her doctor recommended Z-CoiL footwear. Her sister and niece were the same size so they traded shoes as needed.
Elaine is now on her fourth pair of these shoes which have given her amazing relief. She had been limping all the time from the torn meniscus. She had lots of pain and swelling in her knee. "I hate taking those pain medications and I was so happy to be able to stop taking them when I got relief from wearing these shoes. The first thing I noticed is I stood up straighter." After two weeks of wearing the Z-CoiL pain relief footwear the swelling in her right knee was down. Within one month she was walking normally-NO LIMP!
The first purchase choice was a black taos clog. She owns a grey freedom athletic shoe, grey hiker boots. Her most purchase are the dark brown sandals which are on a close-out special.
"Everyday people ask me where do I get those shoes? They know about them, but do not know where to get them. I tell them how great they worked for me and to get them at 1201 Pine St in Seattle at the base of Capital Hill."
Thank-you Elaine- we appreciate the referrals!