Wednesday, April 29, 2015

All Jobst Support Stockings on Sale- Socks and Nylons in Various Colors

                                               Late Spring Moving Sale

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We Aren't Just Selling Shoes

Somnio is Latin for “dream.” Our mission is to help people achieve their lifestyle goals and do so while remaining injury and pain free. We aren’t just selling shoes; we’re solving problems, and are helping to make some dreams come true along the way.
Somnio is founded on the principle that shoes should adapt to the individual and improve biomechanics. Every person is different and we believe that every pair of shoes should be different, too, so we built a platform for making that possible. Our exclusive system of almost infinite shoes and limitless possibilities was designed in the nation’s leading sports medicine lab, and then tested and refined there on real people, just like you. Our adjustable component system is superior to every running and casual shoe currently on the market.
We believe focus provides a clear path to achievement. We are focused on making great shoes that accommodate to every individual's needs. We are focused on building the perfect Somnio shoe for you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

See What Crocs Are On Clearance; Entire Crocs Supply Are On Moving Sale Prices 10% Off.

 See chart below for Crocs on clearance sale: Limited to stock on hand and only those listed are on clearance. Otherwise all Crocs Work and Rx are 10% off for our moving sale, while supplies last.

 These Clearance items are the Relief model in colors other than Black such as green, tan, blue and white. Available in sizes listed above.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Therapeutic Shoes Can Be Fashionable

      You can have the best of both worlds! Therapeutic shoes by Apex/Aetrex (and others), can be fashionable AND promote bio-mechanical stability.
      The remainder of our stock is limited to sizes and styles listed above, and are priced in anticipation of our move at the end of May 2015.
     You now have access to foot-health shoes whether you have, or don't have diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. If not in stock, we can special order to fit your preference. (Special orders may not be included in the sale)
     Many of these shoes have three layers of cushion and support making them very adaptable to fitting your custom orthotics. No appointments are necessary for a fitting.
Five varieties of arch supports/orthotics are for sale at "Your 2 Feet".
Custom orthotics can be fabricated for any issues, and made to fit, by Dr. Kerch. Appointments are recommended for a consultation with Dr. Kerch 206-786-0064

Friday, April 03, 2015

After 12 Years We Have Lost Our Lease, So We’re Moving To Magnolia In the Spring of 2015

Gifts That Show You Care For Everyone In Your Life

Pain Relief Z-CoiL Therapeutic shoes (Absorbs Shock)
FRIENDS: Merino Wool Socks & other American made socks
GRANDMOTHER: Compression Socks for her Swollen Legs
GRANDFATHER: World Softest Sock (Wide Fit)
HARD WORKER: Restaurant Grade Crocs (Slip Resistant)
MOTHER: Plantar Fascitis Relief Kit and Night Splints
BROTHER: Lynco Orthotics / Superfeet and more arch supports
RUNNING FRIENDS: Toe Socks / Customized Shoes
UNCLE WITH ANKLE PAIN: Choose from Ankle Brace or Cast Boots
DAD WITH INGROWN NAIL: Schedule Consult with Board Certifed Podiatrist
FOR DIABETIC/ARTHRITIS: Made to order therapeutic Shoes
GIRLFRIEND: Anti-Fungal Medication for Athletes Foot & Thick Nails
BOYFRIEND: Biofreeze to Rub onto Sore Muscles
• Bio freeze, Socks, Foot Miracle Cream, Heel Cups, Toe Pads, Ankle Wraps
• Fungasoap, Gordochom, Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces
• Vitamin and Moisturizing Cream; Shoeshine Kit
Ankle and Foot Sprains; Moisture and Odor; Diabetics; Atheletes Foot;
Planar Fascitis; Tendonitis; Metatarsalgia; Hammertoes
and Bunions;Customized Orthotics; Shoe Care

Thanks For Your Patronage Over The Past 12 Years in Our Capital Hill Location! Come See Us In Our New Home In Magnolia (near Queen Anne in Seattle)

In Late Spring 2015
We are Moving
To Magnolia
10% off select items,
while supplies last