Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I used to Walk on Tiptoes to Avoid the Pain in my feet

Alex K came in recently saying "I have worn Zcoils since 2003. I walk a lot-30km per day at a speed of 7 km/hour. I can now walk a 10K in less than two hours. Sitting used to be OK, but not standing or walking without morphine. I was on tiptoes in my Birkenstock trying to avoid contact with the ground prior to Zcoils. In the time I have had Zcoils my morphine consumption has decreased. I have profound peripheral neuropathy and an unstable left ankle."

Alex came in to buy another umpteenth pair of Zcoils, this time a pair of work boots.

He also loves the Injinji toe socks we carry in the store. He says,"They make my toes all be in harmony for the first time since 1967. I can give homebound pastoral care now since I can walk better. I wish the government would allow payment for Zcoils, not morphine." He left with six pairs of new Injinji High Performance Socks.

A 40 Mile Journey from Arlington in the Snow and Rain to Get Zcoil

Delia and her husband made the long trek from Arlington in the snow and rain to buy her sixth pair of Z-coils. She says,"I have worked as a nurse for Lifecare Marysville for 9 1/2 years. I pulled a muscle 4-5 years ago in my back. My legs and hip began hurting 4 years ago. My plantar fascitis causes everything to hurt."

She has worn Z-coils for the past 4 years and now owns 6 pairs. She bought a pair of grey freedoms today with the coils enclosed (covered). Any Zcoil shoe can have the coils covered. A non-skid spray was applied to her soles due to the foul weather conditions lately. She also owns a pair of sandals, white clogs, white freedoms x2, and a pair of brown hiker Z-coil footwear..

She found out about the Zcoil from her father-in-law who was going to sell Zcoil footwear in Sun City, AZ. She says' "Since wearing the Zcoil my back has stopped hurting. I have stopped crying from the pain since wearing Zcoils and recommend Zcoils to others. I hand out cards to everyone."

January Newsletter

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January 2009
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Good News!
November and December were rocking for Z-CoiL, coming off the Good Morning America segment with great momentum and securing a segment on "The Doctors" which will air some time in the first quarter of 2009, I can already tell this is going to be a great year!The idea for the next release will be focused around the economy and sustainability of the Z-CoiL as a brand. As we head into 2009 and hard economictimes are effecting all of us, a story about the durability of the shoe with its replaceable coil heal will be a refreshing approach.Thanks to all of you for your sustaining support in 2008. May 2009 be filled with joy and happiness.
News From Costco
Our products and services for Costco employees will be posted at the Seattle Bulletin board.

Dear All,
The New Year is normally the time to make those New Year's resolutions. Many times we resolve to take off the pounds gained from the holiday festivities. If this is your wish, we at Zcoil of Seattle want to reward you for this years efforts to take off those pounds. It is as simple as stopping into the store to get weighed and photographed between January 7-14, 2009. At the end of the year, after being reweighed and photographed between December 28-31, please share your wonderful stories of Walking Without Pain- Choose Your Shoe. For every pound lost, you are entitled to store discount on Z-coil products. Please see the store for details.
Shoes relieve foot, leg, knee and back pain
Four out of five Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, and 75% will have trouble with their feet. So chances are that you, too, will find yourself dreading that trip to the mall, or unable to enjoy visiting the zoo with your kids or grandkids, simply because it is too painful to walk. Happily, there's a pain relief solution that does not involve pills, shots or surgery: a special type of shoe called Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear. Z-CoiL shoes are engineered to reduce impact to the body and relieve stress on aching joints. The coil spring acts as a shock absorber, reducing the force of impact at the heel by up to 50% (and putting that extra "spring" in your step!). Extra thick, resilient cushioning at the ball of the foot also softens impact and its rocker-bottom assists your forward-motion. A built-in orthotic plate in each shoe provides necessary support, improving your posture and helping to relieve such painful conditions as heel spurs and plantar fascititis. Hundreds of Z-CoiL customers have sent in testimonials that attest to the effectiveness of these life-changing shoes. Many claim they have been able to continue working at jobs where they're on their feet for hours. And many other express their heartfelt gratitude for having their active lives back again! "Within one week of buying my Z-CoiL shoes, I was no longer taking any pain medication for my back. Within two weeks, my knee pain was gone!" says Joan Highsmith. If you feel you are missing out on life because of foot, leg, knee, hip or back pain, why not visit the Z-CoiL store nearest you and try on a pair. You have nothing to lose but your pain!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chela Keeps Her Job as a Traveling Nurse

Chela Hutchison and her mom came in to try on new and buy established styles of Zcoil yesterday.

Chela works at the Renton campus of Virginia Mason as a travel nurse. She says" I would not be able to still be a floor nurse if it were not for the Z-coil footwear. I have sacroiliac dysfunction and arthritis in my right lumbosacral region."

Chela was first introduced to the Z-coils four years ago while working at Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina. Two years later she bought her first pair in Pennsylvania. She has a pair of white freedoms and a pair of anniversary edition styles. Today she purchased her third pair of Z-coils: another anniversary style since she likes them so much.

The lynco orthotics, with the extra metatarsal support, especially assist her with the ball of the foot discomfort. She stood on the I-step machine for a free pressure analysis and for recommendations on which arch support to get.

She is thrilled," I have referred two nurses from Puyallup to this store when I was at Good Samaritan Hospital. The Z-coils have decreased my pain and increased my quality of life. I have significantly reduced the need for pain medications. If it were not for the shoes, I would not be able to walk or work."

Monday, December 22, 2008

The holidays are always busy and hectic for us, and it is very easy to get wrapped up in all of the day-to-day details of life. This morning, Ryan and I were wondering how we were going to navigate our Seattle roads to not only get to work safely, but to attend a festive holiday gathering tonight in Kent.

Our thoughts drifted toward family and friends. I picked up the phone and called a few family members just to say hi. The family in Florida and Hawaii are mystifyed and worry how we get around with all the snow we have had-Carefully!

Then our thoughts turned toward our customers. We have a lot of people that stop into our store around this time of year and we hear wonderful stories. You may want to read in our blog the life altering experiences reported just last week. From Texas and all over the country we hear of a customer who reported losing 33 pounds and is becoming far less insulin-dependent. Another customer has lost over 50 pounds.

" All of these holiday encounters serve as a constant reminder to us:"We are not in the shoe business, we are in the relationship business." Anyone can sell you a shoe. The difference is - we want you to feel better. It's what makes this business gratifying and rewarding. All of life's other little problems are far less significant when you can make a difference in someone's life." We wish all of you the best in happiness and health for 2009. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"I Can Walk Circles Around the Youngsters"

Janice and Narayan Baltzo, of Living Music Radio.com, came in recently with mom to buy more Zcoil pain relief footwear.

Janice shared her compelling story of her first contact with Zcoil footwear and how they changed her life..
" I've had a lot of back trouble for decades. I have tried naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, icing, yoga and acupuncture for any help in easing my pain. "

"I injured my spine when I turned wrong while holding a light truss (heavy gear) in1979. I ended up in the hospital with a "frozen" spine."

"One day while on the road in June of 2008 we had stopped at a rest stop. I had to hobble to the restroom my back hurt so much."

What was to follow was a life changing event at the next rest stop.

"We stopped for some ice cream and met a lady who said "I can walk circles around these youngsters". She said it was because of her Zcoil footwear she was able to be so active. Her late husband it turns out used to sell Zcoil pain relief footwear and she happened to have some in the back store room that fit me. That was the first pair of Zcoils I bought-a pair of Black Freedoms."

After that is history: "OMG look at this, I ran out to the van saying "I am running".
I then ran around the rest stop jogging the perimeter right after I got them and was giggling. I was so darn happy.

I looked up where Zcoil was on the web and came in for my next pair- a Black Taos Strap (Mary Jane style). She also bought the Lynco arch supports, our Injinji "toe socks", and several of the bamboo socks.

Narayan has a pair of the grey Freedoms and ZWalkers. Mom got a pair of Z Walkers with laces that stay tied "knotty boys". She was so pleased with the way the Jobst compression socks made her legs feel with better circulation.

Janice is so moved by her experience with the footwear she mentions her story everywhere their music and their connecting communities work carries them-to churches, yoga centers, independent bookstores, and outdoor concerts. "How can you not want to spread the word about Zcoil?"
Here is more about the work of Janet and Narayan:

Vision Statement
Vision Statement: To create, perform and promote music & lyrics that are expansive and life-affirming. To help advance music beyond its current common usage as entertainment or stimulation, and utilize its power to inspire, heal and uplift.- Composing music with Sacred Intention- Performing this music with uplifted consciousness in receptive venues- Promoting awareness of Sound and Music's effect on us so we can make healthier choices- Infusing conscious music into every possible form of media, including radio, television, movie soundtracks and advertising- Increasing awareness of artists to be more conscious of the effect of their art on themselves and others- Creating opportunities and opening venues for conscious musicians and audiences- Connecting communities through shared musical experiences- Increasing the appreciation of Music, Art and Beauty in our society
© 2008 You're Loved & Living Music Radio with Narayan & Janet

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ergonomic Study Conducted At New Mexico Highlands University

Wayne Scheler, New Mexico Highlands University, conducted a study on Ergonomic Implimentation to reduce Plantar Pressure.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Al Gallegos Reflects On His First Customer Success Story

On the new Z-CoiL YouTube Channel, Al Gallegos, Inventor and Founder of Z-CoiL Footwear, talks about one of his first customer experiences.