Monday, July 26, 2004

KCBS: Z-Coil Shoes For Pain Relief

KCBS: Z-Coil Shoes For Pain Relief: "LOS ANGELES (KCBS) It's an unusual pair of footwear, but some swear it's making a difference with certain kinds of foot and leg pain.

So they're not a fashion statement. But loyal customers of Z-Coil shoes say it's a small price to pay for relief they feel from problems such as foot, leg and back pain.

Lara Kjersted is a restaurant owner. She's on her feet all day and says these shoes have helped relieve pain she's had for years.

'I'm there 10-12 hours cooking and supervising. These shoes do wonders. I don't have ankle, knee and hip problems,' she says.

Retailers say Z-Coil shoes won't fix problems, but can help people feel better and say many experience immediate relief.

"Most people know within a minute of putting the shoe on if it's going to make a difference for them," says Richard Redlein, of Z-Best Pain Relief Footwear."

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