Saturday, July 10, 2004

Shirley MacLaine wearing Z-CoiLs in the National Enquirer (Nov. 2002)

A photo of actress Shirley MacLaine wearing Z-CoiLs appeared on the second page of the November 26, 2002 issue of The National Enquirer.

The Caption Reads

TALK ABOUT putting a little spring in your step!Every out-there Shirley MacLaine puts her weirdest foot forward with a pair of truly bizarre shoes while strolling in Beverly Hills. The 68-year-old screen veteran is still a working girl in Hollywood, appearing last year in "These Old Broads." And it's only fitting that Shirley's latest movie is titled "Hell on Hells: The battle of Mary Key"!

E-Mail Excerpt from Shirley MacLaine's webmaster:

We meet folk at various spots in the country that have them and swear by them. Shirley still wears them and loves them.

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