Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Interview: Mike Gonzalez the CEO of Xtenex

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Caesar Snee, the owner of the San Jose and San Francisco Z-Coil(r) Pain Relief Footware stores, talks with Mike Gonzalez the CEO of Xtenex, the manufacture of The Ultimate Shoe Lace - Knotty Boys.

The Ultimate Shoelace is comprised of laces with pre-tensioned elastic knots that control lace movement through a footwear's eyelets. When stretched, the knots collapse for easy lace-up and adjustment. When tension is released, knots re-emerge to surround both sides of the eyelet securing a desired fit.

It differs from regular laces because it can customize footwear fit around personal comfort and performance needs. It stops lace migration which is a leading cause of footwear pain, discomfort, numbness, foot fatigue and Diabetic concern. It allows custom fitting throughout the shoe instead of limiting adjustment to just an ankle tension.

Your2Feet has a variety of Knotty Boy lace colors and sizes in stock!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pain Relief is a Family Affair

Jack Moore came in from Tacoma with his wife, Anne, and son David. David is the third generation of the family to work at Boeing. Dad has had multiple injuries at Boeing working, with 23 years seniority, as a quality assurance inspector. 4years ago he stepped into a hole in a platform and his T4-T6 was inflamed. He was taking a lot of pain pills, having pain on a scale of 10, it was an eight. While undergoing an MRI, he saw several nurses walking in Zcoil pain relief footwear. The women gave a testimonial about the Zcoil footwear and how it helped them with their pain at work walking all day at the hospital. Jack went home he did extensive research about the footwear and brought the family along to purchase their first pair of shoes. Jack and Anne bought their first pairs of cloudwalker velcro black shoes and David bought the black Freedoms (from the Puyallup store that is now closed). After all these years wearing them Jack's reduced his pain to a level 2. David started wearing them in high school due to C2 back pain from wearing heavy back packs. Now at Boeing he has had years of relief from his back pain. Mom needs a knee replacement and has cut the pain severity and reduced her recovery time. When the Boeing Auburn plant temporally didn't allow the use of the Zcoil footwear, they fought to get back the Boeing authorization and succeeded. Now they came to our Pine St store in Seattle to buy their second pair of shoe- David bought another pair of freedoms, mom and dad bought another pair of cloudwalker velcros. A family that wears (Zcoil footwear) together stays together.