Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Donald Bordner Now Has 16 Pairs of Z-CoiL's!

If Your 2 Feet had a Hall of Fame, Don would be named to it.

Pictured is our customer of the month Don Bordner, a 75 year old called by his co-workers Don Juan. He charms the elderly woman at the dances he goes to. One of the women said, "I've got a live one!."

With the 3 new pairs of shoes he just bought here, he has 16 pairs of Z-CoiL's. Today he bought 2 pairs of Santa Fe's and a pair of Taos Zipper shoes. His first pair was purchased when Z-CoiL first came to this area. He met Al Gallegos, the Z-CoiL inventor, at the Bellevue stores grand opening. (Bellevue's Z-CoiL store closed).

The variety of Z-CoiL's is for the opera, dancing, driving metro buses, walking, and running around Greenlake.

He is a role model for graceful aging. His secret? He credits Z-CoiL's and tells all his co-workers Z-CoiL's are why his knees don't give out and why he has more zip than men half his age.

As a metro bus driver he is required to wear his Z-CoiL's with covered coils (all Z-CoiL shoes with open coils can be converted to covered coils). The "official policy" of Metro says- No self-respecting bus driver would be allowed to show his springs. Until the Z-CoiL wearing bus drivers took Metro to civil court, they were not allowed to wear the Z-CoiL's at all. They were concerned the coils might get caught in the pedal. Don says," We drive with our toes, so why is there a problem?"

Don is the Renaissance man epitomizing we are as young as our heart.

Tante Barruga Visits Seattle From Oahu

Graduates from Oahu Celebrate 40 Year High School Graduation

Tante came to Seattle to catch the Alaska cruise ship. He traveled with a group celebrating their 40th class reunion. They all graduated from Farrington High School in Oahu.

What is a trip to Seattle without stopping in to see what's up with Your 2 Feet. He needed summer sandals that breathe. He left with a pair of Fitflops. Fitflops have the wobbleboard technology that allows for extra circulation and muscle action during gait. Trim those buns!

Somnio Expands Product Styles

Cory, the Somnio representative for this region, stopped by to show ALL the choices of Somnio brand shoes available. Currently we carry three lines of the athletic shoe for men and for women.
The adjustable aspects of the shoe is what makes it so unique.

The whole process, including insertion of parts into the shoe, takes just a few minutes. The result is a fully assembled, customized shoe that you can walk away with.

The Somnio fit process works in 5 easy steps:
1.The individual stands on our patented Line-Up device.
2.The fitter adjusts the varus until the knee is aligned.
3.The fitter uses the arch ball to select the correct footbed.
4.The fitter uses the chart to select the correct Ind-X inserts.
5.Then, the fitter slides the F.E.A.T system into the shoe for the individual to try.

The Line Up Measuring Device is our patented fitting tool.

Judy Ackerman is a Loyal Everett Customer

Judy came from No. Everett to shop at Your 2 Feet, formerly Z-CoiL of Seattle. She's been wearing Z-CoiL's for 5 years, but also wears our medical grade crocs. She went to Ballard for her first pair of Z-CoiL's, the Freedom Black. Last year she came to Your 2 Feet to purchase a pair of Mary Jane's. Added to her collection is a black sandal. Her discovery of how the shoes work was from people wearing them. She stopped to ask about them and where they got them. Pam came with her today and bought a pair of Z-CoiL's.

She's been a loyal Fred Meyer employee in the garden center for 8 years. After an injury and when arthritis set in her hands she had work only seasonally 4 years ago. She fell into her home rockery 4 years ago and split open her right leg. The hand injury was extensive with many complications in healing. Back injuries make her have a touchy "slippery" disc.

She says, "The leg and back pain cleared up after I started wearing Z-CoiL's. They helped me reduce impact so my back pain went to zero. Z-CoiL's help strengthen my inner core muscles. I feel elated because of the spring in my step." Her interest in the Z-CoiL's was also spurred from a search for a remedy for the pain in the side of her right foot. The muscle stiffness went away with the Z-CoiL's. Massage and orthotics did not seem to help much.

She continues," I refer people to Your 2 Feet 3-6 times a week at Fred Meyer because people ask about them. I sometimes get off the wall comments like-What's with the shoes?. I explain what the Z-CoiL's do for you, how they have helped me over time including the side and bottom of my right foot."

Thanks Judy for being such a loyal customer, for coming from so far, and for showing your friend Pam a way toward better health.