Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Injured Former Military National Guard, Amy Hall, Gets Relief With Z-CoiL

          Amy Hall is a former military Army National Guard stationed in North Carolina. She was trained as a teletype operator. Amy was injured while in the Army and was not able to go overseas. During her duty she was required to run, but she was only able to do slow running. During a 6 mile run a fellow guard told her she was going too slow. She tripped after the fellow soldier apparently whacked her hip. After tripping, her right hip was going one way, her left hip was going another way. Going to physical therapy and a chiropractor may have made her symptoms worse.
           After so many years undiagnosed, Amy went to a genetic clinic. She was diagnosed with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome four years ago. This is an inherited connective tissue disorder, caused by a defect in the synthesis of collagen. Amy's grandfather had a history of repeated dislocations. Her brother in Texas suffers dislocations daily.
          She has repeated joint dislocations caused by potentially anything, even her sleeping position. Her muscles relax, her shoulder slides out and dislocates. Her symptoms are exacerbated, since childhood to the present, if she overdoes activity.
          Six years ago, while pregnant with her son, her symptoms worsened.She gained 200 pounds and developed other health problems from not being able to exercise. Since it is a dominant gene, her son will be flexible. A daughter would potentially have had a worsened prognoses. Her son Gabriel is able to run so he doesn't walk.
         Then she discovered the benefits of wearing Z-CoiL shoes four years ago. "They gave me life back", she says. Her first pair of of brown boots was purchased here at "Your 2 Feet" in Seattle at 1201 Pine St.

         She says, "I have lost 40 pounds because I can walk now! My foot, ankle, shoulder, all my joints are so much better. I do not have to take daily nightly pain meds since wearing Z-CoiL shoes".
         As a civilian she does medical transcription.
        If someone approaches Amy inquiring about the Z-coiL shoes she tells them, "These are the best shoes. These shoes are not toys. They are for any kind of pain-lower back on down".
          Cindy Eastlund is also pictured. She is wearing her first pair of Z-Coils, a pair of leather lace shoes (Z-Walker) purchased the day this photo was taken.