Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rancher LaDonna Donsbach Buys Zcoil Shoes in Seattle and Drives Friend Needing Kidney Transplant From Montana

After LaDonna heard about Z-CoiLs from her hair dresser, she went to Billings, Montana to buy her first pair of Zcoils 8 years ago. Her next pair were purchased in Rapid City South Dakota. She came  to Seattle to buy Zcoil shoes and for other reasons.

Her Zcoil cowboy boots are great for riding around her property.
She bought three additional pair today to add to her three pair collection. She just bought a pair of sandals for her trip to Hawaii. She bought another pair of hiking boots to replace her previous pair which she's worn for years. She just added a grey pair of athletic shoes to her collection.
"If I don't wear my Z-Coils I can't walk the next day. My Zcoil shoes helped immediately and my pain is very manageable."

LaDonna also came to Seattle to support a friend was born with only one kidney. Three years ago his only kidney failed. Good fortune was when another friends father was a perfect match. Ladonna and her family drove both friends from Miles City to Virginia Mason for the surgery. The kidney transplant was successfully done the next day. Both patients were up walking around Virginia Mason and conversing with each other the very next day...very fast according to staff.

Cattle farmer LaDonna purchased, with funds from her father-in-law's estate, a 20000 acres farm in Miles City. They moved from Flat Head to Miles City Montana.

After being rear-ended twice, 4 years apart, about 15 years ago she developed back, hip and leg pain. She was diagnosed with DJD to her hip and back.
This condition seems to be a family inherited condition since her brother has had hip replacements due to severe DJD.

On the ranch they call her Z-CoiL shoes "tiger" shoes.
Her job on the farm is varied from work cattle, corral and run scales, cat walk keep cattle going straight for their shots. Mostly she enjoys taking care of her grandson Clifton.
Pictured with mom LaDonna, grandchild Clifton is 1 year old and her daughter Krist.

Her four children were in 4H growing up. Her daughter Krista says she remembers going on the tractor with her folks on the weekend. As a youngster she fed cows and cleaned barns. as young as she can remember.

Hearing our customers stories of enduring many years of symptoms, and then seeing our customers obtain relief wearing Z-CoiL shoes, is so heart warming and rewarding to us.

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