Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Gentle Solz: Charlottesville, VA: Local Testimonials

Local Testimonials: On October 2nd, 2003 at the Virginia State Fair I came across a booth run by Lisa Lewis and John Gathright who were selling Z-Coil footwear. I stopped and asked some questions and they offered to let me try them on and walk around the exhibition hall. I figured, heck, the shoes can't be as good as they're describing. All it took was for me to stand up and walk a few steps and I knew I had to have them. I had no money with me at the time and asked them to hold the shoes, which they graciously did.

You see, I was injured about 10 years ago in the first Gulf War and was currently taking several different types of medication to control the pain in my right foot and lower back. The amount of time I was able to walk had been limited to 1 1/2 to 3 hours before I'd begin limping. Since the injury I'd had the pain medication dosages increased several times.

On October 3rd, 2003, my life changed for the better when I returned to the fair and purchased a pair of Z-Coil CloudWalkers. I wore my new shoes from about 1:30 that afternoon until about 9 p.m. that evening with no pain or limping.

I have worn the shoes every day since and have been very comfortable. For the first time since my injury some 10 years ago, I'm not in pain by the end of the day.

Everywhere I go I sing the praises of Z-Coil and recommend them to anyone who may be suffering foot, leg or back pain. I gave them John's telephone number and web address. All I can say is, 'God bless the person who invented Z-Coil' because I no longer have to suffer excess pain.

Terri Tsu

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