Wednesday, June 30, 2004 Health -- Unsightly Z-Coil shoe adds spring to step Health -- Unsightly Z-Coil shoe adds spring to step: "Imagine wearing a miniature innerspring mattress on your foot. Or sinking your heel into a portable BarcaLounger.
Both images come to mind in the Z-Coil shoe.
With what appears to be a sawed-off pogo stick springing from its sole, it's a fashion misstep in full stride. But if you can stand the looks - the ones you'll get from passersby, not to mention the dubious aesthetics - who's complaining?
The Z-Coil is to Bruno Magli as an operating-room smock is to designer lingerie. Think practical over pretty. Think power pumps for pain relief. "

April 2004
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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Dr. CoiL Footwear: Testimonials

Dr. CoiL Footwear: Testimonials: "I work as an official with USHRA. We travel across the country promoting Monster Truck Races.

I met Sterling Littlejohn and Jack Koberna (Cyborg & Tuff-E-Nuff) in Salt Lake City this January and Sterling was wearing a pair of your Desert Hikers. I have had terrible knees since 1971 when I fell 60 plus feet on to a steel platform.

I will turn 50 years old in May, and each year and each event was getting harder and the pain in my knees getting worse. I have had the cartilage removed from both knees.

Sterling convinced me to try the shoes. The first steps felt like I was walking on a cloud. I did not realize the jarring my knees had been getting. I worked from 9:00am until 1:00 am that day and my legs and back felt great.

The first time in 4 years, I still had energy and could still walk. I had them bring a pair to Houston the next weekend.

Thanks for making the best Pain Killers I've ever known.

Kim Boales

Monday, June 28, 2004

Z-Coil Miami: Z-CoiL® Testimonial of the Month: June


"Two weeks ago I bought my first pair of Z-CoiLs, last week I bought my second pair and next week I will buy my third. After four years of suffering from plantar fasciitis, I was spending hours a day taping and icing my feet. Next month I was scheduled for a $10,000 surgical procedure that was not covered by my insurance and was not guaranteed to work. After two weeks in Z-CoiLs, the surgery has been cancelled, my feet no longer hurt, and I am jogging for the first time in four years.
As a professional actor, often I spend several 14-hour days back to back, working on concrete floors inside sound studios. Remembering the lines, the pressure of the hot lights, and making the part work is challenge enough. Sore, aching feet is an extra burden I do not need. I am your latest convert and can't thank you enough for designing such affordable and effective pain relief footwear.
Gary Grubbs
Hattiesburg, MS"

Z-Coil Shoes From Hip Hop Shoe Shop: Zcoil TV Commericial

Z-Coil Shoes From Hip Hop Shoe Shop: "Watch the Z-Coil Commercial! QuickTime 4.0 or higher required."

Z-Coil Shoes: Hip Hop Shoe Shop:Testimonials

Z-Coil Shoes-Testimonials: "I am a 56-year-old female, I have heel spurs and arthritis, and every step I took before I bought these shoes was misery...I heard about Z-Coils on a local news program. I immediately bought a pair of the tennis shoes, wore them as much as I could for a week, then ordered the sandals so that I'd have some I could get away with wearing at work. Now I can walk comfortably, and for the first time in ages, I can even run without pain.
Nancy Storrs
Lubbock, TX"

Friday, June 25, 2004

Fremont Fair 2004 Photo Report

Last weekend, Dr. Kerch and the Your 2 Feet staff were on hand at the Fremont Fair providing information on foot related ailments and the solutions.

Fair goers learned about Z-CoiL footwear and other products aimed at relieving foot-related pain and foot wellness.

Dr. Kerch provided free foot coaching sessions and people had an opportunity to try on a pair of Z-CoiL shoes.

Donations were collected to benefit First Place, a children's charity.

Your2Feet - Meet Dr. Kerch, Fremont Fair Audio Interview

Your2Feet - Meet Dr. Kerch: "In the more than twenty years I have been in private solo practice, it has been an honor to serve Seattleites and visitors having foot pain. In the summer of 2002 I was introduced to the Z-CoiL(r) footwear which was said to relieve people of foot leg and back pain. I decided to do a trial study with a few patients with the Z-CoiL(r) footwear to see if they obtained pain relief. The results of this trial were substantial relief of pain in areas where other treatments had not worked. These results were enough to make a decision to set a new course for me, my practice, and my patients.
I decided it was too important not to introduce this possibility of pain relief to more people by bringing the Z-CoiL(r) footwear to Seattle. The decision in 2003 to move out of the Medical Dental Building, site of my medical practice on the 4th floor for 13 years, to move to a ground floor shop presence on Pine St, was a monumental one for me. My intention of keeping the Ballard office operating at the same time was an easy one since I had such supportive patients during this time of transition. All beginnings are a challenge and my staff and I set out to do it right. "

Listen to an audio interview of Dr. Kerch at the Fremont Fair (June 2004)