Thursday, March 06, 2008

Superfeet or Lynco or Custom Orthotics

Which can help me?
I hear this all the time asked by folks suffering with foot, leg, and back pain in our store "Your 2 Feet", "Z-coil Seaatle's Authorized Dealer".

The interesting thing is each of these three assist to a varying degree and can attain goals by different routes.

As you may have heard in the streaming podcast interview on an earlier post, on, the future owner of Superfeet goes into great length on the pros and cons of the various applications for her product line. The control comes in the heel cup.

Lyncos has a variable assortment of products for high or flexible low arches with or without more metatarsal support. Theirs is a more cushioning, flexible control focused more in the medial longitudinal arch.

The custom orthoses (orthotics) are usually made by a podiatrist. These usually are very controlling with posting in the heel and obtaining control around the subtalar joint via neutral positioning during casting.

At our store we also have products for higher arches that do not take up as much volume in the shoes.

To experience our products, please visit our store downtown 1201 Pine St Seattle or call 206-838-7338. We will also be at the NWWS MArch 28th-30th in the purple section Booth #1442. There is a way to approach relief for your 2 feet!

Your Two Feet can feel like This 2

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Croc, Your shoes saved my life and my marriage. About two years ago I was diagnosed with a severe case of Polio. After weeks of failed treatments, the doctors realized that I had an allergic reaction to the medicines prescribed to me. I was placed in the Iron Lung for 6th months and it deeply affected my relationship with my husband. Finally, I was released from the Iron Lung and sent to therapy in hopes that I may walk again. I was given various pairs of orthopedic shoes, but none worked. Then one day my friend introduced me to Crocs. Learning to walk again was a difficult struggle, but with the Crocs' comfort and support I was able to achieve my goals and get back to a semi-normal lifestyle. Once there, my husband and I began to mend our relationship and connect on a spiritual level we had never before reached. I just wanted to say thanks again for saving my life, my marriage, and for giving me a brighter future. I love you.
− Hope Daniels

Find the Seattle Connection for Crocs Rx footwear at "Your 2 Feet" and "Z-coil Seattle Authorized Dealer" in Seattle, 1201 Pine St. You can find out the truth about how silver in your socks and crocs works-It really does prevent bacteria and fungus from robbing you of healthy feet!
Seattle, Wa. 98101 206-838-7338

Silver Helps Fight Fungus and you can by wearing CrocsRx™ Therapeutic Shoes

CrocsRx™ Patients

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

CBS San Francisco

CBS 5 Eyewitness News answer man Ken Bastida visits the San Francisco Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear™ store to test out a pair of springy soled shoes.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Interview with Cathy Tate, Superfeet

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Z-CoiL Dealers Dr. Lotchie Kerch in Seattle and Caesar Snee in SF talk with with Cathy Tate, a sales rep for SuperFeet.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Z-coil's are so Worth It!

Darla Moyer came in today with her Black Z-Walkers. She is so grateful about her life altering experiences wearing the Z-coils that while in the store she was telling other customers about her story that I cannot wait to tell you about.

Years ago she abused her back while landscaping, especially after a battle with a tree that she lost. This incident landed her right in traffic. Her doctors told her there was nothing that could be done for her back pain. They said: " I would have to live with the pain."

Another unfortunate accident, tripping on a rubber mat at Key Arena, ended up injuring her knees so badly she ended up with both knee having to be replaced. She now has only 37% functional capacity of her right knee and 30% use of left knee.

"Prior to wearing Z-coils, I had constant knee and back pain and had to take Vicodin 2-4 x day for the severe pain I was having."

"What works for me, if I start to have any back pain, I bounce up and down on the springs and that (release of impact) makes the pain go away-I don't know how-it just does."

"Another result of the Z-coil footwear is that instead of working only four hours per shift, I can now work 16 hour shifts at work as a prep cook for at the Hearthstone. I like my job so much that after helping my friend out for what was supposed to be only six weeks, I stayed."

"I tell everyone about them-They Are So Worth IT! I give so many people your phone number, even the folks that stop me in the street to ask me about them. The nurses at the Hearthstone want them."

" The money I have saved is from the savings of not having to buy New Balance shoes every three months at $85.00 a pop...and they did not help my pain."

While in the store we watched her walk and determined her annual tune-up was to add a wedge to the outside of her coil to control the lopsided knee she has had ever since the knee replacement.

FYI: tune-ups are free with every pair of Z-coils purchased for the lifetime of the footwear. As many of our enthusiastic Z-coil wearers share with us, and as our own wearing experience attest to, they find the Z-coil footwear appears to be longer lasting than most available shoes on the market. We are so pleased to share Darla's amazing story.