Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pain relief footwear featured at Your 2 Feet

Tonya Bernard
Seattle Shoe Shopping
June 19, 2009

Z-Coil is the shoe and it can be found at Your 2 Feet in downtown Seattle. Being called the pioneer of the Pain Relief Footwear industry, the Z-Coil addresses many of the ailments commonly associated with foot, leg, and back pain (http://www.your2feet.com/). (Read More)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Closed Sunday For The Fremont Fair #fremontfair

Due to the Fremont Fair, the store will be closed on Sunday, June 21. If you are at the fair on Saturday or Sunday, stop on by our booth (P25) and say hello.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dr. Pat Interviews Al Gallegos and Suzie Burke on the Dr. Pat Show

Dr. Pat is a radio show host on AM radio.
She recently interviewed Al Gallegos, inventor of the Z-CoiL shoe and Suzie Burke, Fremont landowner, representative and avid Z-CoiL wearer.

Listen To Broadcast - 06/10/09 on KKNW (MP3)

Women's Empowerment Summit an Inspiration

The Women's Empowerment Summit was held June 12-13, 2009 at the W Hotel.
The summit is for women by women of real power to unite, share, and exchange individual experiences," said Bettina Carey, Founder of Women in Small Biz and the summits show host.
She is pictured here with her partner Mike Slatter.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tom and Boe Duffy of Glenwood, New Mexico Get Relief With Our Orthotics

Tom and Boe Duffy live on a pristine ranch nestled in a small community.
This area hosts a variety of natural sites including this waterfall that enables you to walk behind the cascading water. It is reached by walking on a well maintained catwalk carved into the mountainside over the river. Many visitors and schools come here every year.
Tom and Boe own a robust company designing systems and being a distributor for solar and wind powered projects. Their website is:
They have been in the renewable energy sources of wind and solar for over forty years.
Their adobe home maintains an even temperature all year round with no heaters or air conditioners. The house is totally off the grid and solar powered.
Tom and Boe have been plagued for years with a painful foot condition called neuromas.
For the first time they are experiencing relief after wearing our store's Lynco orthotics with a metarsal support in them. We just received a letter from Tom and Boe thanking us for finding a solution to this long-term problem.

Mary Zimniewicz Trades in Her 4 Year Old Z-CoiL Shoes for a New Pair

Mary Z. works on hard concrete floors at the Issaquah Home Depot. Four and a half years ago friends told her about the ZcoiL shoes since she was having such a problem with foot and back discomfort.

Every night she used to have to elevate her feet on three pillows to make the pain go away after being eight hours on concrete. She would slip disc in her back three times a day.

She bought her first pair of Freedom 2000 from the now defunct Bellevue store four years ago. This is an amazing testimonial to how long these shoes hold up under such intense use. She wears the Z-CoiL shoes with her orthotics made at Group Health. We explained how we stock an array of great ready made orthotic arch supports here at Z-CoiL of Seattle (1201 Pine St, Seattle, Wa.)

For her second pair she searched our website and Zcoil website. She saw there a new style recently introduced- the Z-Trek. So she made the trip from Sammamish to buy her second pair in four years.

Friday, June 05, 2009

David Graduates From ASU With President Obama Presiding

David graduated from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona with President Obama giving the Commencement Speech in May. It was a rousing speech meant to encourage a graduating class of 8,000, some of whom cannot find employment.
David graduated from the honors college, summa cum laude, with a degree in computer engineering. He carried the entrance flag for his department since he had the highest GPA for the department (during the engineering graduation ceremony). His honors thesis had to do with cross tracking usage of various social networking sites. This information can be used for a variety of purposes.
He will be employed by General Dynamics after graduation. Congratulations David!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Terrasoles The Comfort Shoe Is In Stock

We are carrying the terrasole shoe at the Z-CoiL of Seattle store located at 1201 Pine St, Seattle, WA.
Terrasoles outdoors lifestyle footwear, targets the void many people face when transitioning from their active footwear into something that is more comfortable and casual, yet remains functional. Terrasoles' hybrid design appeals to those whose hearts belong to the spirit of the great outdoors.
"Terrasoles redefine the casual after sport shoe. We use technology to create lightweight, flexible styles with unique support and shock attentuating features. Our vision is one of a young-in-attitude, active consumer who participates in or is inspired by activities such as hiking, running, rafting or travel," says Jerry Hemphill, President of Terrasoles Brand.
The envionment also is top in mind when we consider Terrasoles components. We utilize enviornmentally friendly elements wherever possible. Our packaging and other collaterals are being produced on recycled stocks with soy inks, and we are using high quality fleece made from recycled materials in some travel and cold weather styles.
It is designed as a comfort shoe to be worn inside or out and is machine washable. The insoles are removeable to fit in your orthotic or arch support.
Our ZCoiL store is branching out in supplying a variety of your shoe needs.

Introducing Two New Products

We are introducing two new products at the store at Z-CoiL of Seattle 1201 Pine St.

The fitflop will be just the healthy summer wear for you when you need a break from your Z-CoiL footwear. These are due to arrive mid-June.

Z-CoiL is also introducing a new line of shoe called the Bella. The expected time of arrival is August.

We currently are in stock with the terrasole. We carry limited stock of the Aetrex line of walking shoes as well.

June will take us to a few outside events as vendors.

- A new one for us will be the Women's Empowerment Summit June 12.
-Our annual attendance at the Fremont Fair Summer Solstice will be the week-end of June 20-21. That weekend we will have abbreviated hours at the store since a lot of our stock will be at the fair.
-We will be attending the Seattle Pride Parade as a vendor June 28. Last year it was on one of the hottest days of the year. Bring lots of water!

Listen for us on the Dr. Pat show June 10. Al Gallegos, the inventor of the Z-CoiL footwear will be interviewed. Suzie Burke, Fremont Woman around Town, will give her testimonial on the air. KKNW 1150 Live Radio with Dr. Pat.

We appreciate all your support and referrals.

Be in Step With New Style

A Smart, Sporty and Stylish Double-Strap Mary Jane

Z-CoiL will be rolling out the limited edition "Bella" this July. This fun, flirty shoe is tan and brown, with cranberry accents. It has a split cowhide leather upper with breathable mesh and two adjustable velcro® straps. It has a soft, padded heel and anti-bacterial insole for extra comfort. Available in Women's sizes 6-11.

This will complement well the other Z-CoiLs you have.