Saturday, July 09, 2005

Seven Pairs of Z-coils saved me from surgery

Becki Blackham shares her journey of pain relief using Z-coils for her recovery:

"I photograph babies being born at Swedish and Northwest Hospitals," says Becki Blackham. "When I would do my gardening in regular shoes I would come in and my feet would hurt so much, my husband (well known Seattle obstetrician Dr. Blackham) supported me in buying extra Z-coil's just to use for yardwork. I've been wearing Z-coils for four years ever since a friend told me about them in Quartsite, Arizona when I was diagnosed with heel bone spurs. Today I bought my third pair of Zueco clogs, but I also have the hiking boots, sandals, cloudwalkers, and Taos clogs. These Z-coils saved me from having surgery. On a pain scale of ten, I would have a ten out of ten of foot pain if I did not wear these shoes. Now I am focusing more on my 26 year old son who was recently involved in a surfing injury."

Becki Blackham visits our Ballard (Seattle) store to purchase her seventh pair of Z-coil footwear. Posted by Picasa

From Day to Night, exploring our family roots in Puerto Rico is full of adventure.

Cousin Chaguin and Eduardo (not pictured) join us for exploring the modern nightlife of the Babylon nightclub found at the El San Juan Hotel. Posted by Picasa

David imagines when San Juan, P.R. was a walled city protected by the four feet thick walls of El Morro. Posted by Picasa

David and I explore the underwater depths, scuba diving off the coast of Fajardo, PR. Posted by Picasa

David hears about the fruit bat chosen to denote the Bacardi trademark on a tour of their plant. Posted by Picasa

It reaches out of this world- The world's largest radio and radar telescope in the world located in Puerto Rico. Posted by Picasa

The tropical sunset is alluring from Uncle Gelin's beach house in Manati, PR. Posted by Picasa

In their beautiful home above Moca, P.R., where most of my mother's family was born, my Great Aunt- Tia Julia with her daughter reminesce with us about when I was a young child growing up in Aguada and Ramey Air Force Base, P.R. Posted by Picasa

Lotchie and David Explore La Familia Roots in Puerto Rico

David and I explore Aguadilla, PR with Uncle Gelin. Behind us is where my mother and father met in the pharmacy where my mother worked and near where she grew up. (FYI:The clock came from Seattle, Wa.) Posted by Picasa