Friday, May 26, 2006

Hanford Health and Safety Fair May 2006

The Hanford Health and Safety Fair (EXPO) at the TRAC in the Tri-Cities was attended by over 42,000 locals. Present here is Dr. Kerch, Owen Berglund and fellow EXPO staffer doing a test of the ANSI approved work boot. Posted by Picasa

Carlos Invents Roping "The Second TIme Around"

A fellow vendor Carlos from Washington DC, representing VPP, has written a book on roping. He is demonstrating the walking while roping technique while wearing the Z-coiL covered ANSI approved steel toed work boot. Posted by Picasa

Rainbow Falls is overflowing at Stehekin

Rainbow Falls was a gushing view of high volume. The Stehekin River had just crested and the three mile bike ride over had water on the road. Posted by Picasa

May Adventures at Stehekin, Wa

Lotchie Kerch, D.P.M. rides out from the Lady of The Lake on Lake Chelan to see Rainbow Falls. Posted by Picasa

So Many Talents, So Little Time-May 2006

The Annual State Meeting of the WSPMA held a Talent Show at the April 20, 2006 Lake Chelan location. Dr. Kerch and enthusiastic dancer Robin practice our skit. Posted by Picasa