Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Puyallup Fair: Monday: Interview and Photos

NOTE: Yesterday, my digital camera that records audio clips stopped working. -JOlmsted

Audio Interview: My name is Mark Ross and I own two pairs of Z-Coils..."

She sat down, slipped on a pair of gray Taos Clogs, walked around the entire hall and said the Z-CoiLs reduced the pain in her lower back.

There was a Beatle group playing on the Coca Cola stage, filling the Crafts and More hall with tunes and she wondered by, put on a pair of Z-CoiLs and we danced a two-step in the concrete isle.

He came. He tried on a pair of Cloudwalkers. We didn't have the style he wanted. He paid in advanced. He will have his Z-CoiLs personally delivered to his work place early next week.

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