Thursday, September 02, 2004

Press Release: Wacky Footwear Brings Welcome Relief to Sore Feet

(Albuquerque, New Mexico)-Your feet take tremendous abuse. The impact of walking can deliver a force that is two to three times your body weight, and three to five times your body weight when running! No wonder the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMS) has declared April to be Foot Health Awareness Month, to focus attention on this often-neglected, yet hardworking part of the body.

Dr. Lotchie Kerch, a podiatrist in the Seattle area, recently gave a talk to thousands of women at the Northwest Women's Conference in Seattle. She says " Z-CoiL pain relief footwear is changing the way I am practicing medicine. Impact can now be reduced by 50 percent or more when using the Z-CoiL footwear. This impact reduction dramatically relieves pain in such conditions as plantar fasciitis and arthritis. I have been a practicing podiatrist for over twenty years and I have never seen anything as effective in footwear. I'm seeing people who have been living with intolerable pain relieved by this phenomenal technology."

Yet for the millions of people in this country who suffer from many different types of foot pain, from heel spurs, to plantar fasciitis, to arthritis, finding relief from pain may be as simple as finding the right footwear. Al Gallegos, a 73 year old maverick in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has persevered for years to develop a revolutionary line of footwear that now offers a radical alternative for foot, leg and back pain relief. These "funny-looking shoes with the steel spring in the heel" have dramatically changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who report either complete relief or a significant reduction in pain when wearing their Z-CoiLs.

"Z-CoiL Footwear has literally changed my life," declares Claudia McIntosh, a nurse. "I suffered from severe foot pain from years of hard hospital floors and extremely long hours. The Z-CoiLs have taken all of my pain away and I have tons more energy on a daily basis. I have made such a stir in the hospital where I work that over half of the nursing staff now use Z-CoiLs."

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