Wednesday, September 01, 2004

KCTS Currents 2000: The Puyallup Fair A Historical Perspective - Timeline/Video

KCTS Currents 2000: Puyallup Fair In 2000, the Puyallup Fair celebrated its 100-year anniversary. KCTS, the Seattle Public Television Station, produced a 9-minute video and published a time line on the annual event that is available on their web site. (Click Title)

The Puyallup Fair was started back in 1900 by a few farmers and folks from Puyallup Valley. They thought Puyallup would be a good place to put on a fair because of its close proximity to both Seattle and Tacoma. The Fair founders intended the fair to advance the interests of the agriculture, horticulture, dairy, stock raising, mining, and manufacturing industries in the Puyallup Valley. All 1,800 of Puyallup's residents visited the Fairgrounds that first year. Since then, the Puyallup Fair has grown and changed alot over the past 100 years, but the heart of the fair remains the same.

This year for over 1.1 million guests are expected to attend the 17-day Puyallup Fair, Sept. 10-26.

The Puyallup Fair is one of the top ten attended fairs in the world and the sixth largest fair in North America.

Your2Feet will be one of 121 exhibitors located in the new 23,000 square foot Exhibition Center.

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