Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Back To School - Teacher Testimonial

I am a 51-year-old elementary physical education teacher. I have been teaching for 31 years and have to stand up and walk for lots of that time.

Having wide feet with a very high longitudinal arch and instep, it is always hard to find comfortable shoes. About 10 years ago, I developed pain on the soles of my feet in the heels. They hurt most when I took my few first steps in the morning. The podiatrist made custom orthotics for me, and my foot pain improved. However, my knees were still sore and my back hurt. (Some of this is because we did not know about safe exercise practices when I was young.)

Although I was teaching my students to jump rope, I could not do so. My jump roping was limited to 2-3 jumps per class (20-30 jumps a day). Then I would be in serious knee pain for 2-3 days afterward.

Fortunately, I happened to have Z-CoiLs recommended to me by an acquaintance.

As soon as I tried them on and stood up, my lower back felt as if the strain was relieved. It felt as if my back flattened. I can jump rope 8-10 times with each class and feel no knee pain. I walk more because it hurts less! I wish I could avoid the orthotics altogether, but I still insert them into my Freedom 2000's and my new Zuego clogs.

Thanks for inventing something so wonderful. My students want me to jump high when I wear my shoes and are disappointed when I have to admit the shoes only (!) absorb shock.

Now, I just feel really bad telling my students that there are no Z-CoiLs for kids!

Karen Eglinton
Davison, MI
August 15, 2004

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