Wednesday, September 08, 2004

iStep Blueprints of Your Feet : Puyallup Fair Premiere

iStep - For the Blueprints of Your Feet:In Washington State, Your2Feet will debut The iStep by Apex, a computerized pressure analysis and orthotic diagnostic kiosk, consisting of a baropedometer containing 1024 barosensitive sensors. This state-of-the-art system performs a complete mapping of the plantar pressure generated from the person’s feet in only 30 seconds.

In June of 2000, scientists completed mapping the human genome, identifying the sequence of all layers of genetic code. This enormous breakthrough will help bring to market individualized programs of preventative medicine to focus on keeping people well. By understanding the Blueprints of the Body, doctors will be able to identify potential health threats ahead of time, and pharmaceutical companies will provide more precise treatment options tailored to the individual patient. Just as you will know the Blueprints of your Body, so should you know the Blueprints of your Feet.

The introduction of computerized foot analysis systems in the early 90's brought the science of pressure and gait analysis to an exciting phase. Using this new technology, scientific studies demonstrated that there is a direct cause and effect relationship between unbalanced pressure distribution during the gait cycle and lower extremity pain in areas such as the knee, ankle, or foot.

The availability of the iStep system is significant because access to this advanced technology will be made available to all health conscious consumers. (Watch Video)

After the fair, the iStep kiosk will be installed at the Your2Feet Pine Street retail store. Stop by the booth or downtown office (after the 26th) to get an electronic blueprint of your feet!

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