Thursday, January 26, 2012

Corrinne Cain says, "I wouldn't be able to work without my (five pairs) ZCoiL shoes."

Corrinne Cain bought her fifth pair of Z-CoiL pain relief footwear today. She purchased most of her shoes at our previous location in Ballard, but now she comes to our Capital Hill location to buy her Z-CoiL shoes.
Her current styles are a brown pair of Z-walker velcro shoes, two pairs of freedom (athletic shoes) blue and white, and a pair of sandals. Today she purchased a pair of work boots.
Corrinne previously had to have the tension on her coils changed to correct her "pronation". This is a medical term relating to the position of her feet during gait. Because the work boots come with enclosed coils, tension re-setting is limited. She will be re-evaluated at a future visit as is necessary to make coil tension adjustments.
She purchased her first pair 10 years ago because of her heel pain. Ten years ago Corrinne saw an OR nurse wearing the Z-CoiL shoes. He was from Arizona. The nurse was wearing the Zcoil shoes because they were helping his plantar fascitis and bone spurs. Corrinne states this is her same problem and the Z-CoiL footwear have helped relieve her pain. She says, "I wouldn't be able to work without wearing my Z-Coils and my custom orthotics."
She has worked as an X-ray technician in the OR since 1971. Since 2001 she has been working at the Swedish First Hill Campus. She plans on retiring in less than 4 years.

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