Sunday, January 29, 2012

Linda Hill and Sassy Are Colorado Bound With ZCoiL

Linda Hill came from Ellensburg to buy a pair of workboots. She bought her first pair of Z-CoiL shoes two years ago. A nurse practitioner, Linda's co-worker, told Linda about the shoes. The nurse practitioner's sister wore the shoes to relieve pain from a bad back and bad knees. Linda wears the Z-CoiL shoes to relieve hip and lower back pain. She says,"Being larger it's harder on the bones. My Z-CoiL's take the compression off my back."

Linda works as a director of nursing services at an assisted living facility. This entails working 16 hour days mostly on her feet. She got her nursing training 10 years ago in Yakima.
Linda relates a family genetic history of "bad bones". She feels wearing the Z-CoiL's has kept her from needing her hips replaced. Her brother is 6 years older and is needing a hip replacement. He lives in Phoenix. Her other three siblings are deceased.

Prior to wearing Z-CoiL shoes, her previous shoes lasted 6 months. Just prior to wearing her Z-CoiL's she had to replace her shoes every three months because of her grueling workdays. She says," I am surprised how long my first pair of Z-CoiL's (black freedom) have lasted. I still wear my first pair to work after two years." She decided to convert the open coils on her black athletic shoes, to enclosed coils.
Linda is a good daughter. She's going to be wearing her newly purchased workboots to help on her fathers ranch in Colorado as he recovers from open heart surgery.  She will be at the ranch for at least 6 weeks, or up to 3 months, depending on her dad's progress in rehab. She'll be caring for her dad and the cows with her Pekinese, Sassy. Sassy is 3 1/2 years old and is being trained to travel in a carrying case. For $125.00 she will be hand carried onto the plane going to Colorado.
Linda comes to Seattle regularly to see her daughter who is a manager at a Hairmaster in the U district. Her son is a plumber in West Seattle.

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