Thursday, September 06, 2012

Louise Roby Looking For Love Finds Z-coil

There are many reasons for people to migrate from southern California to Seattle. Love is found in interesting places and the heart leads the way. Romance (and then marriage in 2002) motivated Louise to make the leap of love. Louise met her husband by chance on the Internet. It wasn't an Internet dating service. They were on a website forum for retired people discussing a shared passion: physics. Her husband has a bachelor science degree in physics. She is well read on the subject and says "I love physics". He thought it was cool she was interested and said, " I have never a woman that was interested in physics." Their long distance relationship lasted for three years, flying between the states to be together.

Louise retired to move here. She was a recycle coordinator for the city of LA airport for twenty two years. She was a low level manager in the maintenance department. I was the "Queen of Trash", a trashy lady.

In 2003, Louise R. was looking for an electrical parts store in Bellevue. The electrical store was no longer there. It had been replaced by a Z-coil shoe store (no longer in business). The store employee, just arriving, invited them to come try on Zcoil shoes.

Since she was suffering from back pain, Louise was intrigued when she heard the premise behind the design of the shoes was for impact reduction. Over the years she has purchased six pairs of Zcoil styles: High desert hiking boot, a grey and black Mary Jane style, freedom black (tennis shoe) and two pairs of sandals. With today's purchase of the latest Zcoil 2.0 style, the Daydream, she now owns seven pairs of Z-coil shoes. Love brought about her move to Seattle, and it was here she was introduced to Zcoil shoes by happenstance.

What should be of importance to folks Louise says is "I can go longer, faster and get lots of mileage with the Zcoil shoes. Whenever I wear Tiva's or flat sandals my back pain returns because of all the pressure."

She says," I dont' want you to go out of business. I want to buy these shoes from you in person, not on the Internet. I'm 'selling' the idea of Z-coil shoes all the time. When someone asks me about my 'weird shoes', I tell them the point is they were made for athletes for runners to reduce stress on their joints. I have told people I know with RA how they should try out the Zcoil shoes."

When Louise was diagnosed with plantar fascitis, she added wearing orthotics inside the Zcoil to obtain the relief she was seeking.

She has just purchased the new 2.0 style which were designed with a lower profile arch. This clog style she chose are, "These are really good. I normally hate shoes and think of shoes as foot prisons, torture chambers. These are more comfortable than most shoes, a good fit, but they have more room across the arch. I think it is the elastic stretching in the arch of this shoe thaat feel better than most shoes. They're 'cool' and I want to wear them out today."

Louise is currently a mixed fiber media artist. She has joined a group of artists she trained with at the fiber arts certification center at the UW called "Fiber 19". They plan on displaying their art at shows. These dates are to be listed in the surface designer magazine and website (membership required).

Louise is a true advocate for Z-coil shoes. She now owns seven pairs of Z-Coil and volunteers her testimony to whoever inquires and recommends them to her friends. We appreciate you Louise!

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