Friday, November 30, 2012

Sergi Chernishov-Wears Zcoil Shoes For Four Years

Sergi started wearing Zcoil shoes four years ago. He has 4 pairs of Zcoil shoes. He has been wearing Zcoil shoes to ease the pain in his right knee, caused by cartilage deterioration. He learned about the shoes from his uncle when he shared his good experience wearing the Zcoil shoes.

Sergi and his wife Svetlana have been married for 21 years.
 They met in Russia and now live in Vancouver Canada. They come to "Your 2 Feet" in Seattle from Vancouver looking for another pair of Zcoil shoes.

Sergi is a drywall taper and has been doing flat ceiling restoration for the past 25 years. Sergi's boss is promoting safety so he has recommended slip resistant and steel toed shoes.

Sergi currently owns four Zcoil styles: Santa Fe dress, blue and white tennis shoes (freedom), white walkers and a pair of sandals.

He says, "Since the shoes make you an inch taller, your feet are an inch from the ground. This (difference acts as a barrier to water) which keeps your feet drier". He is very pleased with the benefits he has received for wearing Zcoil shoes.

Our Seattle store "Your 2 Feet" is his favorite source of Zcoil shoes for the past 4 years. Please call 206-786-0064 for more information. We are located at 1201 Pine St in Seattle, WA 98101

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