Friday, August 31, 2012

Seattle Mayor McGinn Visits "Your 2 Feet" in Capitol Hill

Mayor McGinn discusses issues pertinent to business owners in Capital Hill with Dr. Lotchie Kerch, proprietor of "Your 2 Feet" offering foot solutions for foot, leg and back pain.

                                           Capitol Hill is experiencing a total makeover.
A multi-use high rise is being built on the west side of "Your 2 Feet" making parking scarce during heavy construction days and garbage pick up sporadic.
Parking is a hot topic in Capitol Hill with the new green meter machine per street realizing a rate increase.

A community meeting followed our meet and greet. Discussing the closure of the Bahous, a beloved coffee shop on Melrose and Pine St., elicited a passionate debate-developing vs. preserving. A multi-use new construction site is planned for the building housing the Bahous.

Shoplifting and crime has markedly diminished because of the dog park and the high rise construction west of us on Pine.

                               Visit our store at 1201 Pine St. when you are hungry.
Melrose Market, Taylor Shellfish Farm (freshly caught and prepared shellfish), and Terra Plata Restaurant have established our block as Capitol Hill's version of New York's restaurant row.
There's a butcher shop, a cheese shop, a wine shop, deli and more.
You won't lack of great places to eat in this block. Next door is the Baguette Box (soups and sandwiches), followed by L'il Woodies (shakes and burgers) and Machiavelli's (Italian food) on the corner. Vietnamese pho and sandwiches are served across the street.

We appreciate Mayor McGinn's hands on approach to discussing our community's issues.
Thank-you mayor for visiting us at Your 2 Feet in Seattle WA 98101

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