Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adrian Doll Volunteers as Retired Carpenter in Zcoil's

Adrian came in to Your 2 Feet, 1201 Pine St., to purchase his third pair of Z-coil's recently.

In this picture Adrian is wearing his first pair of well traveled white Freedom Z-coil shoes.
He has been wearing Z-coils for the past 10-11 years. In addition to the Z-Coil's pictured here, and a pair of black freedoms, he now has a pair of the black Z-walker style of Z-coil's.
                      After Adrian retired as a cabinet finish carpenter, he and his wife traveled around the US in their RV for thirteen years. After first seeing someone wearing the Z-coil shoes in Arizona, he spent two years studying Z-coil shoes. He questioned Z-coil wearers as to how they worked for them and how they liked the shoes.
                     Pain motivated Adrian to seek relief from the Z-coil shoes. He suffered from sciatica and even now he will have to crawl to the couch if he slips into a pair of regular shoes. Wearing Z-coil shoes controls the pain, it doesn't cure it.
                     When Adrian was asked for more personal information Adrian said, "I was born and raised in North Dakota. While I was in the air force for 6 years I was stationed in California and So. Dakota. It was very rewarding when my wife and I did volunteer work with MAPS (a Christian organization- Mobile America Placement Service- while traveling in the RV. I used my carpenter skills for assisting in maintaining MAPS buildings at camps, churches and especially helping with the teen challenge program."
                      Asked what his favorite place while driving around the country in his RV was Adrian said, "We traveled in the RV up and down the coast and all over for 13 years. WASHINGTON is my favorite! It always makes it nice and there is nothing that can beat, returning home to the Evergreen State."
                      People often ask Adrian about the Z-coil shoes. "I encourage folks with back problems to use the Z-coil shoes. The other day I saw a homeless man in Everett who was walking stooped over. I asked him if he had sciatic pain. When he said he did have sciatic pain, I told him how the Z-coil shoes helped me. I asked him if he would wear the shoes, I would give him my first pair of Z-coil shoes."
                      We are so pleased that such a kind and generous man has obtained such pain relief, from his sciatica, wearing Z-coil shoes. He has showed us another way to 'pass it on".
                      Are you ready to try the Z-coil experience? All you have to lose is your pain.      
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