Saturday, December 08, 2012

First Time Biotrek Shoes Come Try Them For Yourself!

Bio-Trek is a brand created by Z-Coil which features a built-in orthotic --- but no spring system. Its a perfect product for those who need Z-CoiL's but cannot wear Z-CoiL's due to work requirements, or those who prefer or more conventional looking shoe. 
 Don't let its conventional look make you assume this is a conventional shoe. This is a piece of equipment that will protect your body from life's daily impact.
 Next built in their famous Z-Orthotic which is extremely rigid. The Z-Orthotic keeps your feet and ligaments stable preventing foot pain, plantar fascia and heel spurs. Impact is absorbed with a polyurethane mid-sole.

Please visit us at the Seattle "Your 2 Feet" store at 1201 Pine St, 98101.
Call us for more info: 206-786-0064. Biotrek are the shoes with the orthotics built in. Get these 3 styles while they last-limited quantities. Other Biotrek styles are not on sale.

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