Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Former LA Actress Poses in Her Z-Coil Shoes at Your 2 Feet Seattle Store

Jennifer Lee has been wearing Z-Coil shoes for the past 6 years.  Now she has five pairs of Z-Coil shoes. She bought her first pair in Arizona after nurses she met recommended them.

Jennifer had the coils replaced on a pair of black Taos clogs during her recent visit to Seattle's Z-coil store "Your 2 Feet". The new coils replaced the five year old coils that were on her Taos clogs.

She also purchased a pair of the Daydream Z-Coil style shoe. The new Freedom 2 Daydream slip on style shoe has a lower profile.

It is best to replace the coils on your Z-Coil shoes about every year or two. The coils may look fine, but the steel coils do fatigue with diminishing effectiveness over the years. It will feel like the first time you tried on the Z-Coil shoes and you will really notice that spring in your step return when you try on a new pair of Z-CoiL shoes. It's time to replace your 5 or 6 year old Z-Coils! Come visit us at Z-Coil of Seattle, "Your 2 Feet", to step into a new pair.

The Daydream style is the newest addition to her other Z-Coil styles:  Taos Zipper, Spring Z, and a pair of grey clogs, and two pairs of Taos clogs.

She currently works as a Costco vendor.

Jennifer tells people she meets," The Z-Coil shoes have really helped my bad back and bad knees. They are all I wear. They act like shock-absorbers for your body."

Jennifer Lee used to be a game show hostess and had her own TV talk show in the day.

When I took this photo I captured her beautiful smile, wearing Z-Coil shoes, showing that spark of the stars.

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