Friday, December 10, 2004

Testimonial: Plantar Facitis : Brenda Cole

I have suffered with severe plantar facitis for several years. It came to a point where I was willing to have the tendons cut to stop the pain.

I have spent thousands of dollars on orthotics, painful injections, physical therapy, special shoes, the list is endless. Since I bought the shoes, three months ago, I have only had them off my feet on two separate occasions. Both times required a "dressier" shoe.

My knees and feet ached the next day. I even wear them while I'm at home "relaxing", they come off my feet when I get into bed. They support my arch and with the adjustments you made for my pronation. My feet no longer hurt. I no longer fear
those first steps in the morning (there was many a morning that required me crawling). My knees and low back pain have all but disappeared also.

Another great side effect is the muscles in my legs and around my knees have strengthened. I've worked on this in PT for months and haven't been able to acheive it. Now with these shoes they firmed right up and my knees feel great.

I cannot say enough about these shoes! I'm buying my husband a pair for Christmas and I will be getting a pair of sandles for next summer. I love the fact that the heel can be replaced. These shoes are an investment in a painfree lifestyle.

Thanks again for introducing me to this great product!

Brenda Cole
Clinton, WA

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