Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Total Relief Footwear - Testimonial: Tammy Healy

Total Relief Footwear - Jobst Supportwear: "It was a Saturday afternoon when I limped into Total Relief Footwear. I could not imagine that I was going to have the ability to hike with our students that we were taking to Big Bend the very next day. My feet hurt everywhere and we were going to be hiking every day for a week. I expected that I might be able to 'tough it out' on the shorter hikes, but for the longer ones, I'd be sitting in camp. A friend had recommended Z-CoiLs, and although I was a skeptic, I was desperate.

A single mom with three kiddos and on a tight budget, I couldn't believe I was spending more than $30 on a pair of shoes for myself! But, again, I was desperate and my foot pain was beginning to affect not only my job (I work in a clinic and have to be on my feet a lot) but my time with my kids as well. I'd come home from work and flop down on the couch because my feet were killing me. Many nights my oldest son would make dinner and bring it to me because I just couldn't spend any more time on my feet. It's amazing how just about every aspect of your life is negatively affected if your feet are hurting. To compound the problem, I didn't have medical insurance, and really couldn't afford the cortisone injections that had been suggested. I decided that one visit to the doctor, for a temporary fix at best, was going to cost me more than the shoes would. "

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