Thursday, January 08, 2009

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Are The Most Intelligent Shoes I Know

John S. came in today for his sixth pair of Z-Coils, the grey freedoms. He also has two pairs of anniversary freedoms, two pairs of the blue and white z-coils, and a pair of hiking boots. " I keep one pair of the blue and white freedoms outside my door for walking the dog or hiking, it's the "dirty shoe".

John has a lot of praise to share about his experiences with Z-CoiLs:
John says," Six years ago my doctors said I could never run again. I had a partial meniscus removal done on my left knee. I don't run, but I hike and walk a lot when about five years ago I was introduced to the Z-CoiL footwear. They saved my knee!"

" Now I can walk and hike Mt. Baldee at my summer home in Sun Valley,Idaho without getting that bone-tired feeling. The trail is well maintained and well traveled. I don't ever get rocks in the coil, they are fantastic. I also have a house in Hawaii (my grandchild is about to be born so I leave next week for Hawaii). There I go hiking on the beach in my Z-Coils. Anytime I work out on the elliptical machine I wear my Z-CoiL's. These are one of the smartest things out there."

"If I am out site-seeing (traveling all over the world), I tend to lean back onto the coils more, getting that extra stretch to the back of my legs (my Achilles and hamstrings). My legs feel like they are 10 years old. I feel younger walking in them."

"I was forced to walk upright and correctly in my Z-coil footwear. These are the most intelligent shoes I know. Everywhere I go kids ask me about them. We were given by nature only so many features. These add something to us that is missing. Everyone working and walking on their feet should be wearing these. They are crazy not to be wearing these. I tell so many people about you and send them your way. I hope you never go out of business."

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