Friday, January 09, 2009

Polio Recovery Aided By Z-coil Footwear

Tracy and Bob C. came in today for their seventh pair (combined) of Z-coils.

Bob had polio as a child and although he had acupuncture and physical therapy to aid in the muscle development and pain control. As an adult he was never able to walk normally until he wore his first pair of Z-CoiL.

He first got introduced to the Z-CoiL when his wife recommended he try them at the Puyallup Fair 2-3 years ago. Bob says, "I took off (at the Puyallup Fair), started walking around, and I did not want to stop. The Z-CoiL's have corrected my gait, my gait is better now. I don't even realize when I am standing now with the Z-CoiL's on, and I sure did before wearing them." He owns a pair of the sandals, the blue and white freedom's and the anniversary shoes. Today he bought a pair of the gray freedom's.

Bob works as a legal librarian at 2 Union Square so he is on his feet standing a lot and bending down a lot. He recommends them to anyone, especially if "something on them isn't right about the way they walk or stand".

Tracy had seen them at the Puyallup Fair a few times and bought her first pair 2-3 years ago. At that time she talked her husband into trying them. She owns a pair of the sandals and the blue and white freedoms. Today she bought a pair of the zueco strap shoes. She had the toe of the shoe stretched to accomodate for her hammertoe.

Tracy had back surgery with 2 rods and 25 screws. Her back was really bad before her surgery, but the Z-coils helped with the pain. She now has difficuty with bending at the waist due to the rods in her back.

Tracy works as an esthetician. She says, " Z-CoiL shoes cushions so much that when I walk I notice it does not jam my back with the impact. It is so hard to go back to regular shoes since these help so much."

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