Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Doctors TV Show: Top 10 Health Trends of 2009

Episode 1076 - January 7, 2009 → Z-Coil Shoes

The Doctors count down the Top 10 Health Trends of 2009!

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- Love these shoes! I have bad knees too, and since I started wearing Z-Coils I am pain free! I agree with reality_curious that these shoes are more forgiving than most as the coil will adjust itself on uneven ground better. I run outside with them and they’re great. Thanks, Z-Coil! (jewbana)

- I have been wearing these shoes for about a year at the initial urging by a friend of mine. Over the years I have suffered a number of injuries, most as a result of a head on collision 22 years ago. I had three knee surgeries, a compressed disc, two herniated discs and a resulting bone spur on my spine. In addition, I previously broke both my feet in separate accidents.

I didn’t think these shoes would help, but after a little coaxing I now own three pairs, the sneaker, dress shoe and a hiking boot. I hiked twice in the hiking boot each time for over 5 miles. I love them! I am glad to see they are making it to the mainstream! I always get a lot of questions when I wear them. (ChiTown)

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