Monday, January 12, 2009

Weight Loss Program and Z-CoiL's Are a Good Combo-Especially With The Rewards Program (Good Until 1-14-09)

Vicki N. came in today for her second pair of Z-CoiLs. One year ago she bought her first pair of grey freedoms from the Pine St store. Today she bought a pair of black Tia's and L420 Lynco orthotics recommended by the I-Step Technology.

Vicki read our newsletter so she qualified for the setback prices (offer good only until 1-16-09).
Vicki also is a participant in our weight-loss rewards program. She will get a discount on the Z-CoiL shoes at the end of the year based on the weight loss difference registered between this week and the end of the year (Dec 27-31, 2009).

Vicki has gained weight since having her spine fused (three spinal surgeries) and after the eight foot surgeries. She has degenerative joint disease in her feet. She just came from having an MRI done on her foot.
She also has had a right knee replacement. Vicki says,"Since wearing the Z-CoiL shoes, my back and knees DON"T HURT AT ALL".
She was on prescribed extra strength tylenol for her pain, but after wearing the Z-CoiL shoes she does not need to take them any longer.
Vicki says,"They are super comfy which is amazing since I normally have such trouble fitting shoes (since the eight foot surgeries)."
She'll be back at the end of the year to retrieve her rewards for a year of hard work losing weight: discounts on her next pair of Z-CoiL footwear.

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