Friday, January 09, 2009

Grandma Said, "Don't Try To Save Money On Shoes or Food"

Susan B. came in today to buy her third pair of Z-CoiLs, a velcro black Z-walker.

She noticed her first pair of sandals purchased in the spring 3 years ago "was like walking on a pillow or a mattress."

She says, "I had loaned a pair of my black freedoms to my daughter thinking she would give them back, but she never did." I bought those to be my winter shoes.

She purchased her first pair of sandals from the podiatrist store in Ballard (consolidated now into the Pine St. store).She then went to DC for 10 days as a tourist. She walked the museums, the malls, everywhere. Her first experience with Z-CoiL: "I did not get tired walking so much with the Z-CoiL shoes. My legs and feet felt fine."

She relates having a bad left hip, but "Z-CoiL takes the hardness off the pounding pavement. My grandma always told me: Don't try to save money on shoes or food."

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